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Big Data and Personalization in iGaming: Customizing the Player Experience


The iGaming industry is one of the few industries that has managed to experience massive growth during the last couple of years thanks to advancements in technology. One of those technological advancements is big data. Big data refers to the set of information that is gathered by tracking the behavior and habits of players in order to uncover patterns and enhance the user experience.

The most important aspect of big data is the possibility of personalization. By utilizing big data iGaming sites are able to personalize games, promotions, bonuses, and more in an effort to offer each player a unique experience. In this article, we will look deeper into how big data is personalizing the player experience.

Why is Personalization Important?

iGaming sites seem to all offer the same thing at first and given that the industry is still fairly new it hasn’t had the need for differentiation as have other industries. In an effort to stand out from the competition, sites have started offering different prices, with some offering bonuses that are referred to as “free money” and lower prices.

However, this tactic is not effective long-term as it narrows the profit margins and it doesn’t take long until a site becomes unprofitable. This is where personalization comes into play as the perfect solution. By offering games and content based on players’ preferences, sites are able to become more niche and find their target audience.

The Technology That is Big Data

Humanity today is on the verge of a data-driven evolution. The number of data that is fluctuating and being gathered daily is never before seen. Every time you access the internet and search for something that is of interest to you, you allow big data to gather that information and use it to improve your experience. The number of data that is collected each day is in the quintillions of bytes, with each byte carrying information about our lives, and how we work, play, and entertain.

This data later gives us recommendations on what music we like, what the closing size might be, or where we would like to go on vacation. Big data gathers these bytes with information from every device that is connected to the internet. That means that your phone, laptop, car, or smart home device all contribute to you having a more personalized experience online.

Big Data in iGaming

Big data is already used in the majority of industries like the healthcare industry, commerce industry, and the financial industry to name a few. And now recently it has taken over the iGaming industry and it is proving to be very useful. Even users can utilize big data and gain one-of-a-kind insights from real-time slot data into which slot games have the best payouts, which are the most popular, and more.

Whenever a new user registers on an iGaming site, the site has access to an abundant amount of information. What sets apart this industry from the rest is the fact that users are required to give personal information like their personal and banking information when registering.

Once a new user registers the use of big data begins and it tracks how the user interacts on the site, from how much time they spend on each game, what games they access more frequently to their winning and losing streaks. The iGaming industry has taken advantage of this data and it is improving everything from security to the growth of the industry.

Big Data is Enabling the Growth of the iGaming Industry

As we stated earlier the utilization of big data allows for new insight into player behavior. By knowing which games are more popular, and what promotions attract more players the sites are able to improve their offerings to drive new customers and keep existing customers.

When a site has insight into which game loses its popularity they are able to remove it and develop new games that appeal to their users. Big data offers valuable insight that can be utilized to improve user experience which leads to the growth of the industry.

A Safer Experience With Big Data

One of the most important aspects of big data is that it allows for iGaming sites to become safer for users. By tracking the behavior of players, big data gives insight into behavioral patterns that are suspicious. Detecting these patterns can help identify cheating and prevent it thus offering a safe and fair experience.

It is also used in detecting gambling addiction and it can then alert the users that they should gamble more responsibly or even deny them access to a site. This means that when a user registers on a site they can rest assured that they are not in danger of becoming addicted. However, each user should be aware of their budget and habits and gamble responsibly.

What Does the Future Hold for Big Data?

Big data in the iGaming industry is a perfect example of how data analytics can be used to offer users a better experience. As we live in an era of constant technological advancements it is certain that big data will also advance and its usage will become more widespread.

While we can’t certainly say it is very likely that in the future big data will offer even more security and personalization within the iGaming industry and it is possible that an iGaming site will look different for each user based on their preferences.



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