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Gaston Actor Confirms Beauty And The Beast Spinoff Series Is On The Way

Gaston actor Luke Evans has provided some encouraging news for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast spinoff series. A live-action version of the 1991 animated musical Beauty and the Beast, directed by Bill Condon, was released in 2017. The film follows a beautiful bookworm named Belle as she trades her services as a prisoner to a wicked prince (who has been transformed into a Beast) in exchange for the freedom of her inventor father.

In the picture, Emma Watson played Belle, while Dan Stevens played the Beast. Luke Evans played Belle’s cocky suitor Gaston, and Josh Gad played his comical sidekick, LeFou. A massive financial success, Beauty and the Beast grossed $1.26 billion around the world to finish the year as the year’s second highest-earning film after Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

A Beauty and the Beast prequel series was announced for Disney+ in early March 2020. The show was to be called Little Town, and it was supposed to star Brianna Middleton, Jelani Alladin, Fra Fee, and Rita Ora, with Chris Evans and Josh Gad returning as Gaston and LeFou.

However, due to artistic differences, scheduling conflicts, and (as suggested by a recent comment by Josh Gad) financial concerns, the show was canceled in February. Luke Evans, who plays the Pleasure Island owner in the new live-action Pinocchio film that debuted on Disney+ today, recently spoke with EW about his role.

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Naturally, we got around to discussing his part in Disney’s other live-action adaptation. He filled us in on some very exciting developments for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast spinoff series. He promises that “it is gonna happen… at some point in the near future.” as they work out how to make the show the best it can be.

When an actor provides an update on a canceled project, it is usually in the form of a cryptic comment, winking at the audience or expressing hope for the series’ eventual revival. However, it appears that Evans has a pretty different take on Little Town. His assurance that production is proceeding as planned is encouraging to hear, but that does not prove that everything is well.

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It may seem like an odd choice for Disney+ to recommit to a Beauty and the Beast prequel series that does not center on Beauty or the Beast. IP series with even more outlandish high concepts, like High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, has been successful, nevertheless. With such A-list talent attached, it would make sense for the service to try to move Little Town forward.

Is there second instalment of “Beauty and the Beast”?

The TV adaptation of Beauty and the Beast has hit a snag. Disney+ has placed on hold the production of a musical prequel offshoot from their 2017 feature film due to issues with creative components and the schedule for the performers.

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