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Rapper Yeat Dropping New Album ‘2 ALIVE’ Release Update!! All You Need To Know

Yeat is a rapper from the United States with a discography that includes two studio albums, four mixtapes, six extended plays, and four singles.

Deep Blue Strips, Yeats’ first extended play, was released on September 20, 2018. On January 9, 2019, he released his debut mixtape, Wake Up Call. On July 18, 2019, he released Different Creature, his second extended play. On January 3, 2020, Yeat released his second mixtape, titled I’m So Me.

Yeat hasn’t eased up since the release of his career-boosting studio album 2 Alive in mid-February and its nine-song Geek Pack deluxe on April Fool’s Day. The turban-wearing behemoth has been making the already hot weather even hotter for the past few months.

Yeat’s Album Release Updates

Yeat is undoubtedly one of the most original artists to emerge in recent years. Fans are still getting acclimated to the way he raps and articulates his bars, and his voice and flow immediately draw you in. Yeat has been developing over the past several months as he has started to perform at festivals for the first time in his young career. As people become more interested in Yeat’s sound, he has become the main draw at several of these festivals.

Yeat has been working on new music for his fans ever since he released the album 2 Alive in February. Yeat has completed a variety of projects in only a few short years, and he is preparing to complete another one in the coming weeks.

On Wednesday, Yeat shared on his Instagram story that he would be releasing a new single on September 2. Although the single’s title is currently unclear, Yeat did mention that an EP will be released the following week on September 9. This EP will have 12 brand-new songs, which is a lot for an EP.

Fans of Yeat will undoubtedly find this to be fantastic news, and it will be interesting to watch how he refines his sound on this new album.

Before his new 12-track album LYF is out, Yeat has provided a brand-new single.

Yeat released the song “Talk” on Friday. On this track, the 22-year-old artist once again collaborates with producer BNYX.

Listen to “Talk” below on Spotify or your choice of streaming service.

Yeat has been teasering LYF for a while, promising that the new tape would be released on Friday, September 9, in a message to fans on Thursday night.

He released his second studio album, 2 Aliv, earlier this year. The album was then supplemented with the 2 Aliv (Gek Pack) experience, which featured two collaborations with Lil Uzi Vert. Minions: The Rise of Gru is, of course, a big part of what Yeat did in 2022, so it would be silly not to talk about it.

As recently broken down by Eric Skelton for Complex, Yeat and the minions together during the summer reached the sort of stratospheric virality that many would only dream of reaching in their separate careers. The Cole Bennett-directed Gru teaser, which featured the aptly named Yeat song “Rich Minion,” was at the centre of this viral phenomenon.

The first idea was to go with someone entirely different and more “PG-rated,” as Bennett disclosed to Complex. But Bennett’s last-minute suggestion finally led to the creation of the Yeat-soundtracked trailer, which was then followed by a trending TikTok video of theatregoers in suits coming together to celebrate the premiere of Gru.

When Bennett initially heard the commissioned tune, she was “very curious what he was going to say,” she recalled telling Complex. However, as soon as I heard the phrase “I count money,” I thought, “Oh, this is out of here. This is absurd.

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