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Azam Swati breaks down over objections to his wife’s videos

On Saturday, PTI Senator Azam Swati told the media that his wife had received a video of him and her and that “daughters of my nation are listening.” 

Swati claims she was tortured after being released on bail on October 13 for a controversial post.

Swati began today’s news conference by recalling a previous media appearance where he criticised corruption and “immoral recordings,” including himself. 

“I was absolutely mistaken” and blamed the establishment. 

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Swati said his wife called from Islamabad at 9 p.m. After hearing her mother-in-law scream, their daughter asked what was wrong.

His wife got an anonymous email with a video of him. I can’t say more to my nation’s women. 

A devastated senator’s daughter revealed his wife’s video appearance. 

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”Safe heaven”

Senator: “How?” He questioned his daughter about Swati and his wife, and she said they went to Quetta. 

Senate Chairperson Sadiq Sanjrani had given the senator and his wife a room in Quetta’s Supreme Court judicial quarters to sleep in. Sanjrani protected Swati, a senator’s widow and former master. You requested my stay because Quetta lacks Supreme Court judges. 

Swati mourned his wife’s “safe haven” departure.
He regretted leaving an imprint on the nation.

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“Custodial torture”

Is this Pakistan, where husband-wife chastity is not protected? He begged God.

Swati alleged “custodial torture” on November 1. 

Imran prefers an independent CJP.Imran Khan tweeted shortly after today’s press conference that Pakistan was founded on Islamic moral ideals like human dignity, the honor of the family, and the inviolability of chadar and chardawari.

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From Azam Swati’s naked detention torture to this video’s breach of his wife’s privacy, the state has violated all these conventions. 


Hours after Swati’s news conference, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said that the “obscene” Internet video was “forensically analyzed” and “found to be phony.”

The organization claimed the viral video was analyzed using International Forensic Analysis standards. Initial forensic analysis revealed film was modified and merged with damaged features.

“Paint was employed to swap faces.” The senator’s news conference should be investigated. Mr. Azam Khan Swati should complain to FIA and justify it.

“Prima facie, it is a phony film, edited using deep fake techniques to produce confusion and malign the senator,” it said.

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PM orders interior ministry notice,

In Lahore, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said he had instructed the interior ministry to investigate.

He promised to reveal the truth.

Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani announced a parliamentary committee investigating Swati’s leaked video and report.

He said the parliamentary committee would include senators from all parties.

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He said the committee would compile and deliver the report to the Upper House.

The video release “shocked” the Senate chairman.

Sanjrani called Senator Azam Swati his elder brother.