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A clear explanation on What Killed Barney the Dinosaur TikTok Trend

Now that Peacock’s expose documentary ‘I Love You, You Hate Me‘ has dropped earlier this month, the popular children’s symbol Barney the Dinosaur has become a recurring trend on TikTok.

Barney & Friends, a popular children’s show, aired for 14 seasons, or over 20 years. Peacock’s documentary examined the shocking responses to the popular children’s icon years after its discontinuation.

TikTok users, drawn to the mystery of the figure, have started typing “what killed Barney the Dinosaur?” into the search bar, thinking that the dinosaur has been brutally slain.

The Dark Side of BARNEY

Soon after the premiere of the show, the cast and crew of Barney the Dinosaur were targets of so-called “Barney Bashing,” despite the show’s positive message.

The original voice of Barney, Bob West, has stated that he was the target of death threats from those who dislike the show.

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To paraphrase, “I started getting emails.. some of them were very vicious,” he stated. Very graphic and bloody. He continued, “Then they went on to say they were going to come and locate me and kill me.”

How TikTok started the “What Killed Barney the Dinosaur” trend

There is once again a sense of awe and wonderment in regards to Barney Bashing. Many people on TikTok are finding a story from the Independent that suggests Barney the dinosaur was murdered after searching “What killed Barney the dinosaur?”

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Barney, the dinosaur, was fatally stabbed by the New York City police in November 1997, the piece opens. The balloon depicting Barney the Dinosaur burst during the 1997 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, which is later revealed to be the referenced object of the stabbing in the story.

Many people are duped by trending videos like the one on TikTok below since only the beginning is presented. A blast of wind tore Barney the Balloon apart, forcing the New York Police Department to dispatch a team to bring the dinosaur down.

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Many readers have simply accepted the publications’ claims at face value, filming themselves both before and after learning the news. However, contrary to what many TikTokers may believe, the original Barney the Dinosaur is still very much alive. Unfortunately, the huge balloon crashed and burned.

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