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[Solved]How to Trim a Video on Windows Free

Here in this article, we will walk you through the detailed steps on how to trim a video on Windows for free.

Whether you want to shorten the whole length of the video clip or you want to erase the beginning or the end so that you can come straight to the point, trimming a video is the first option to help you do that. Besides that, you can see a lot of videos being shortened before uploading to social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok. If you want your videos to go viral and trendy, follow their steps and manually trim your videos for a start.

Thanks to the well-developed Internet, people can do pretty much anything with a video editor at home, including video trimming. However, even then, some beginners struggle to do it by themselves. They don’t know what to do when opening a video editor. Maybe that is because those video editors are too professional for a newbie to operate, or the overwhelming software has affected them. Well, it is not to suit you. So not only here will we present you with two fully functional video editing tools to solve the video trimming issue. And also, you will get one extra bonus application – WorkinTool Video Eraser. This will help you trim the video on your phone. Most importantly, you can use all three tools for free to edit your videos. Now, let’s dive into the details to see how it goes.

In this article, you will find out:

  • How to Trim a Video on Windows Free
  1. WorkinTool Watermark Remover
  2. Microsoft Photos Software
  • Bonus: How to Trim a Video on the Phone
  1. WorkinTool Video Eraser
  • Conclusion

How to Trim a Video on Windows Free:

With tons of video editing software on the market now, there are few people who can immediately find a suitable one to fit their needs, especially those who trim their videos for the first time. Considering this situation, we tested and recommended two effective methods for Windows users to solve the problem of how to trim a video. One is to use a fantastic third-party video editor, WorkinTool Watermark Remover, and the other one is to use the built-in Photos application. Please see the details.

WorkinTool Watermark Remover


WorkinTool Watermark Remover is a powerful watermark software. But what is a watermark tool to do with video trimming? Well, take it easy. Except for watermarks, this tool also provides features that allow users to edit images and videos. Originally it was intended to facilitate the user in adjusting the real-time video screen after processing the watermark. Then we can use it to our advantage to trim the video. It is easy to do as an individual function and more suitable for people who have never edited a video before. Most of all, it is totally free to use all the features.

It is very user-friendly. Users will be able to adjust the start and end timeline manually. You can simply drag both ends of the timeline to customize it or manually enter the exact time number. Both methods are qualified enough to meet your video needs. Now it is time to see how to trim a video using WorkinTool Watermark Remover.

Feature in Use

After downloading this fantastic software to your Windows computer, the main page with eight different functions will spark your eyes. WorkinTool has arranged the top four and is all features related to watermarks. If you have similar needs, try them. They are free for the same. The other four are all features that you can use to edit videos and images. Find the Trim Video to do your job here.

  • First, click on Trim Video.
  • Upload the video that you would like to trim.
  • Here are two modes that you can use to trim your video:

1. The most straightforward way, and what most people use, is to drag both ends of the timeline directly. This way, you can see where you can turn off the image on the real-time screen and avoid missing critical content. Also, if there is an error after a few seconds, adjust it using Time Span. There you can measure time to milliseconds.

2. The second method is to enter the start and end times of the video you want directly and accurately. This will give you a more accurate picture of what you are looking for. After you type, click Preview below to see if it’s the image you want.

Then click on Trim Now to export the edited video right in a second.

Microsoft Photos Software

The second method we recommend for solving the problem of how to trim a video is to use a built-in application called Photos. I think users should be familiar with this tool. It is usually used to view pictures and videos. But people seldom know that it can also be used to trim a video. Besides that, it also offers a few video editing features that you have never used, like adding text, filters, and adjusting the speed.

However, it is still not a video editor. So the features are minimal. And you can only use all these essential features. Trimming a video is more than enough for users to use. See how it goes.

  • Open the desired video with Photos.
  • Find the Trim option on the Storyboard.
  • Adjust the start and the end time by dragging both ends of the timeline.
  • Once it is over, you can export the trimmed video to your computer.

Bonus: How to Trim a Video on the Phone:

You will like this bonus if you are also an Android user. Here we can also provide you with a new video editing tool that will help you do the video trimming job. How to trim a video on my phone? This WorkinTool Video Eraser tool is your answer. It is simple enough to operate. You can do a trimming at the fingertips. It also offers users one free time tryout each day. Once a day is not enough, then you can update it to a pro account for unlimited features.

The actual steps on how to trim a video are very elementary. Take a look:


  • After downloading the application, open it and select the Trim Video option.
  • Find the targeted video to upload here.
  • Then drag both ends of the timeline to adjust the video’s start and end.
  • Click Done to preview the results and save them to your phone.


This whole post has concluded with three different methods and tools to help users trim videos on Windows and Android. All three software are through our testing and proven to be available and effective in getting high-quality video cuts. You can pick any one of them to try for yourself. I guarantee that you will have an outstanding video editing experience.


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