As Matt LeBlanc turns 54 today, Here are our ‘FRIEND’ Joey’s Top 10 Movies and TV series of all times

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Matt LeBlanc is the perfect example of ‘Hardwork pays it all off’ The actor has tried many different roles and did so many undocumented things even until he got his big break. And the actor is turning 54 today!

So, here are the top 10 Matt Leblanc Tv series/movies of all time:


10. Top of the Heap

Top of the Heap is an American sitcom that ran for seven episodes on Fox. Matt LeBlanc plays the role of Vinnie Verducci who is the son of Charlie Verducci (Joseph Bologna). The father and son dream of being rich, and this sitcom follows their attempts of being rich.

09. Episodes

In ‘Episodes’ Matt LeBlanc portraying a paradoxical version of himself.  It is also interesting to note that LeBlanc made his return to television for the first time since he was on NBC’s Joey. Episodes is not a traditional comedy, it conveys comedy in a non-conventional way but is indeed FUNNY !! Matt LeBlanc’s acting in the show makes it rich.


08. Vinnie & Bobby

Vinnie & Bobby is an American television sitcom that aired on Fox. The series is a spin-off of the 1991 sitcom Top of the Heap, which was itself a spin-off of Married… with Children. Vinnie Verducci (Matt LeBlanc), no longer living with his father, meets Bobby and asks him to live together to help him pay rent.


07. LoveSick

Matt Leblanc plays Charlie Darby, who has everything going for him: a great job, friends, family, the whole package. The one thing Charlie doesn’t have is love! The movie stars Ali Larter opposite Matt.


06. Lookin’ Italian

Matt LeBlanc did this movie at just the start of his career. Director Guy Magar also mentioned in his autobiography about the good friendship between Acovone and LeBlanc as the first took the latter under his wing and helped him with his acting. Lookin’ Italian is a 1994 American crime film.


05. Lost in Space

With this movie, LeBlanc proved he can play diverse roles! The Robinson family, whom the film focuses on was going into space to fight for a chance for humanity. Now they are fighting to live long enough to find a way home.


04.  Charlie’s Angel

Matt had a cameo role in the movies and played a role that wasn’t too far from Joey Tribbani: Alex’s boyfriend Jason Gibbons, an action movie star!


03. Joey

This is a spin-off/sequel to Friends starring Matt LeBlanc reprising his role as Joey Tribbiani. This series shows Joey living individually from the other friends and experiencing his own life.


02. Man With A Plan

Matt LeBlanc stars as Adam Burns, a contractor raising three children in suburban Pittsburgh with his wife Andi (Liza Snyder), the show perfectly captures the real living experience with your family, lots of crazy fights, leg-pulling and many emotional scenes. LeBlanc’s acting was top-notch in this sitcom.



Matt Leblanc plays the role of Joey Tribiani a struggling actor who is also like the dumb blonde of the group. ‘Friends’ was or is one of the biggest Tv shows of all time! It ran for ten seasons and all the cast members had their first big breakthrough this show.

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