Here are Top 10 Psychological Thrillers on Netflix that are sure to run down shivers down your spine


One can watch scary movies and be scared for a couple of hours and but with Psychological thrillers, one doesn’t just get scared but it messes with our minds and we still can’t stop watching them. We don’t know about comedy or action movies but Netflix has an ample of Psychological thriller movies collection.

Here are the Top 10 Psychological thriller movies on Netflix:

1. Nocturnal Animals

The 2016 film is based on Autin Wright’s Novel Tony and Susan. The Film Stars Amy Adams and Jack Gyllenhall as the lead. The plot revolves around Susan an art gallery owner who reads her ex-husbands manuscripts and finds out the plot of the book and the pair’s former relationship is very similar.

2. My teacher, My Obsession

A movie in which your best friend whom you love so much becomes obsessed with her teacher who is also your best friend’s father? Pretty spooky

3. The Paramedic

The Paramedic is a Spanish 2020 thriller film, in which Angel Hernandez a paramedic who seeks revenge on the people who left him in time of need.

4. The Platform

Another Spanish thriller film set in a dystopian future consisting of dark violence and feelings of pent-up anger. Perfect plot for a thriller film, if you ask me.

5. Jacob’s Ladder

The 2019 film follows through a Vietnam vet whose experiences of wars still haunts him and slowly start to break him.

6. 1922

The film ‘1922’ is based on Stephen King’s novella of the same name. The movie stars Thomas Jane who kills his wife.

7.¬† Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is a 2017 American psychological horror-thriller film, where a romantic night turns into a nightmare.

8. The Ritual

The film’s plot showcases 4 friends trying to brave the Swedish wilderness in honour of their dead friend but their plans quickly go downhill.

9. Secret Obsession 

Disney star Brenda Song in a thriller movie? Sign me up. The film revolves around a young girl suffering from amnesia but as she slowly recovers, her trust in people starts to waver.

10. Bird Box

Bird Box

This movie is simply astonishing! Sandra Bullock has played the character so shrewdly, it would make you watch the movies again and again.

Which of the following movies is your favourite?

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