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What Are the Free PlayStation Plus Games?

The PlayStation Plus streaming service has a three-tier subscription level now, but gamers from each of the tiers get free games to try each month. So what are the current bonus games recently announced by Sony and how does this strategy fit in with the rest of the gaming market?

What Are the Free PlayStation Plus Games?

The Free Games in October

All of the October bonus games can be played on a PS4 or PS5 console. For example, Hot Wheels Unleashed is one of the key titles that can be downloaded for free during this month. This 2021 release from Milestone can be played in single-player mode but can also support online races with up to 12 players taking part in them.

Next on the list is Injustice 2, which was brought out in 2017 and is a fighting game with characters from the DC Universe. The storyline sees Batman have to decide whether to free Superman to help him fight against the supervillain group known as The Society. It was generally well-received, although not everyone was impressed by the microtransactions model it features.

The other bonus game for October is called Superhot. This is a first-person shooter from Superhot Team where a strategy element is added in how time only moves at normal speed when the player moves. The idea is that there’s more time for them to work out their next move. It’s a fast game where every level is self-contained, with a short burst of combat action combined with some serious thinking time.

Besides those games, PS5 users can download the PlayStation Plus Collection, which includes 19 classic PS4 titles that are now available through backward compatibility, including Fallout 4, The Last Guardian, and Mortal Kombat X. For some members, this benefit might be the main reason for paying the subscription fee, while the PS Plus Extra and Premium lists should be revealed later in the month.

A Look at the Bonus Games Market

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The concept of offering bonus games has become more important since the arrival of streaming technology changed the dynamics of the market. Google Stadia has proved to be a failure and is shutting down, so their model of offering free games to those members paying the $9.99 subscription wasn’t a success but this doesn’t mean that other models can’t work.

A recent news story confirmed that Electronic Arts and Criterion Games will make the upcoming Need for Speed Unbound available as a free trial game to certain players. It’s due out on December 2 for various consoles and EA Play subscribers, as well as some Xbox Game Pass members.

A similar approach to bonus games can be seen in the casino games sector. In this case, this list of the latest no deposit bonus casino offers lets us see how many free spins or how much bonus funds are offered to new players. Bonus fund offers on sites like Lucky Creek Casino and Rich Casino can usually be played on most of the site’s games, although when they come in the form of free spins, they may be limited to a single slot game. No deposit bonuses are just one of the tools available to bring in new players.

Netflix has also used the idea of free games to improve its subscription service. In this case, they have a growing collection of titles that anyone who pays for their movies and series service can play. At the time of writing, these games include the likes of Rival Pirates and Dragon Up.


What Can We Expect in the Future?

Giving players the chance to play for free is going to continue to be a good marketing strategy, and as the global gaming market continues to grow this should be something we see even more of. The exact levels of growth are likely to depend upon how fast the game streaming industry expands, as this is one of the key areas where bonus games are crucial and can be added fairly easily.

We all love to get something for free, and this is especially true when it feels like a valuable or useful gift. This is why the quality and appeal of these free games are always going to be more important than their quantity of them. As more streaming services and online gaming sites are launched, we can look forward to an ever-greater selection of bonus games being offered.