Trending On Twitter As Fans Demand Amber's Removal From Warner Bros

“Aquaman 2 Boycott” Is Trending On Twitter As Fans Demand Amber’s Removal From Warner Bros Flim Aquaman 2


Even though Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial is over, the fallout from it just won’t go away. During the courtroom fight, they also talked a lot about their jobs and which superhero movies they had been in.
As DC Comics and Warner Bros. Aquaman, which has been in the works for a long time, Amber Heard will play Keira again in Limitless 2, which will come out next year. She said that the people who make the star aren’t thinking about replacing it, even though there was some backlash when Johnny Depp was kicked out. In 2020, Fantastic Beasts 3 will come out.

Aquaman 2: The people making the movie want Amber Heard to be in it, and they haven’t even thought about replacing her. Fans have criticized Warner Brothers for having “double standards.” They have asked the company to replace Depp and not be heard. Many fans crowded the microblogging site to say they didn’t like it and asked others to stay away from it. Aquaman 2.

#BoycottAquaman2 fan trend hashtag on Twitter

One of the people who wanted Warner Bros. to change Mera’s role in Aquaman 2 shared an old statement by Depp in which he said Warner Bros. had asked him to leave Fantastic Beasts. “Right after the UK vote, @wbpictures asked JD to step down. Why haven’t they done the same thing to the defendant who was found guilty of defamation for making the same claims? “a Twitter user said something.

Another user said the same thing and wrote, “Warner Brothers fired the abuse victim, Johnny Depp, despite substantial public evidence of his innocence, while continuing to employ his abuser, false accuser Amber Heard.” A third user echoed similar sentiments and wrote, “After the #UK Case Result, #WarnerBros forced #JohnnyDepp to resign from #FantasticBeasts Why isn’t #WarnerBros asking #AmberHeard to do the same for #Aquaman2 ?”

This is not the first time fans have used the hashtag “#boycottAquaman2” to call for Heard to be taken out of the lead role. In June 2021, when director James Wan posted a photo from the first day of filming, the campaign got a lot of attention.

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