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Is Jamie Ertle Pregnant: Baby Bump Or Just Speculations?

The public has developed a strong interest in the personal lives of celebrities in recent years. Among these subjects, celebrity pregnancy rumors frequently garner a lot of attention.

This is particularly the case with American television journalist and meteorologist Jamie Ertle. Everything there is to know about Jamie’s pregnancy status will be covered in this article, so keep reading!!

Is Jamie Ertle Pregnant?

Jamie Ertle is indeed pregnant. It turns out that the rumors are genuine, as people began talking about it after witnessing her noticeable baby bump during her most recent appearance on WTOC 11.

On December 17, 2023, she did, however, reveal that she was pregnant. Her fans and the general public expressed their happiness and congrats.

Is Jamie Ertle Pregnant?
Is Jamie Ertle Pregnant?

She happily stated in the caption accompanied by the adorable photo: “Fuller and I met Halloween night so I thought a mini pumpkin reveal would be perfect for a private reveal for the family!” The rumors and conjectures regarding her pregnant status were terminated with this revelation.

You can see the official Instagram post below:


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Who Is Jamie Ertle’s Husband?

David Ehsanipoor is the spouse of Jamie Ertle. On April 20, 2013, in Savannah, Georgia, they tied the knot. At the moment, David Ehsanipoor is employed by financial services provider Wells Fargo as a Regional Security Agent.

The pair honeymooned in Lahaina, Hawaii, after getting married at Savannah’s upscale horse resort, Cutter Ridge Ranch. Details about the question “Is Selena Gomez pregnant?” can also be found in the middle of this.

Does Jamie Ertle Have Any Children?

Yes, Jamie Ertle and her spouse, David Ehsanipoor, are parents to a beautiful daughter. Specifics regarding their daughter aren’t made public, though. Furthermore, in December 2023, Jamie Ertle declared her pregnancy once more.

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