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Amanda Lepore Before And After: How Much Did Amanda Lepore Get Surgery?

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Amanda Lepore is happy with her new body and smiles at her reflection in the mirror after she had plastic surgery.

Before Plastic Surgery

Armand Lepore was born in the state of New Jersey in 1967. He was a very nice boy. He soon realized that being a man was not the right thing for him.

The first steps toward a doll’s look were girls’ clothes and make-up. Even when the child was in school, many teachers couldn’t tell what gender the child was.

Armand’s father sent him to college when he was a teen to learn how to be a stylist. There, he got access to hormone drugs and used them to change the way he looked. The young man’s parents called the police and took him to a doctor, who gave him legal pills.

Before plastic surgery
Before plastic surgery

After Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty, done when the young man was 15 and paid for by a fan, brought him one step closer to his dream. So Armand realized that plastic surgeons controlled his life.

At age 17, he went through a successful sex-change operation and became Amanda. He then started making himself look better.

After plastic surgery
After plastic surgery

Lepore had silicone implants put in her breasts and buttocks to make them rounder and more attractive. She also had her lips filled out.

Amanda worked every day on a new look and tried to fit in with the outside world.

Men fell in love with a girl who was very pretty, and one of them ended up marrying her. Amanda was not happy after her wedding, which was a shame. The husband turned out to be a violently jealous man.

After five years of being mistreated, she got away by saving money for a ticket to New York and getting a court order against her husband.

The city of New York opened its doors to a beautiful blonde. She worked at a beauty salon and went out to clubs at night.

Amanda was clear about what she wanted to be: a smart, charming woman like a movie star.

She changed the shape of her nose again, had a blepharoplasty, fixed her hairline and eyebrows, tightened her forehead, made her lips bigger again, and got breast implants.

She thought that her new look needed to be improved all the time, so she kept going back to the operating table.

Amanda admitted that she took out a few ribs to get a thin, elegant waist. She looks up to the 1950s pop stars and loves the pin-up style.

Now, Lepore, it’s hard to say exactly how many plastic surgeries she had to go through to get the look she wanted.

She doesn’t say how much it cost to change, but she says that she has “the most expensive body on Earth.”

Amanda Lepore joined New York’s nightlife after she had reached the ideal she had in mind. The photographer David Lachapelle saw how extravagant the woman was and made her a world celebrity.

She does photo shoots, is in ad campaigns for well-known designers, walks the catwalk for shocking designers, and even sings.

After plastic surgery
After plastic surgery

She wears daring clothes, is friends with Pamela Anderson, and keeps making herself into a holiday.

How Much Did Amanda Lepore Get Surgery?

Lepore, 49, calls herself the “world’s most famous transsexual,” and she has spent a total of $35,400 on plastic surgery. A report from the New York Post says that she spends $550 a month, or $6,600 a year, on hormone treatments.

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