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Marathi Name Of Tuna Fish: Why Is Google Showing Wrong Answer? & What Problem Occur?

People are looking for “The Marathi name of Tuna Fish” on Google because memes told them to. This has caused a lot of controversies. But Google is showing the wrong answer for that question. In Marathi, Tuna Fish is called Kupa Masa. Tuna is called “Kupa Masa” in the Marathi language. But Google started showing answers that were not right.

This answer came from a site called situs slot gacor, which is a forum. “What does tuna fish sound like in Marathi?” someone asked. “Kupa Masa” was the right answer for some people. But unfortunately, some people didn’t answer the questions but used offensive language instead.

Why Does Google Display The Wrong Tuna Fish Name In Marathi?

Google replied to this excerpt from a website’s discussion board that was chosen to be featured. Someone on this message board asked, “What does Tuna fish get called in Marathi?” Some people thought that “Kupa Masa” was the right answer. Some people didn’t answer the questionnaire but instead used offensive language. “Paani me utarke machi ko puch lavde,” one user said. “Paani mein utarke machi ko puch lavde” is what the Google bot showed as the answer to the question “What is Tuna Fish Called in Marathi?”

When Google gives the wrong answer instead of the right one, it’s because of a mistake in its algorithm. This occurs in unique conditions. But people are having a great time with memes.

What is the Marathi Name of Tuna Fish ?

Tuna Fish is called Kupa Masa in Marathi, which is its real name. Tuna Fish is called “Kupa Masa” by the Marathis. But Google started giving wrong answers.

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