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Being a true star wars fan you must have heard the great Yoda saying, “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose”. But how come a true Jedi lets go of his or her lightsaber? All-star trekker knows that Jeidi’s the protagonist who saves the weak from evils. Watching the interesting galaxy of star wars our inner hero strikes and obviously, we can not have power like them to move objects and whatnot but what makes us a true Jedi is the lightsaber.

How come you get your desired lightsaber? Do not worry we have it all sorted. Yes, you heard it right we ZIA sabers offer a huge variety of lightsabers. We are a group of star wars fans who have been living, eating, and sleeping star wars our whole life. We dreamed of becoming a hero living in our world but life has some other plans growing up. Our craziness never stopped and one day the idea of creating and selling our handmade lightsaber seeped into our minds. Since then we have spent our days and nights assembling and creating expensive lightsabers with outstanding features.

What’s So Special?

Our advanced most expensive lightsaber features the following qualities

  • Our advanced lightsaber has an airplane grid aluminum hilt.
  • It also features super bright LED light with 12 different colors.
  • One of the features includes its advanced soundboard.
  • An advanced feature includes realistic flash on clans.
  • The advanced lightsaber has a high motion sensitive smooth swing.
  • The best feature of our expensive lightsaber is its lightning-fast recharging ability.

Are You a Star War Nerd?

We at ZIA Lightsabers are operating our business with passion as we love our job of creating your dream lightsaber. Being a nerd of star wars we know how much value one gives to a lightsaber. We have crafted and put extra effort into designing the best lightsabers for you.


Our services include

  • Shipment within 6 hours of a business day. As we hold stock and deliver from the US.
  • Although we have the best quality lightsabers. But for customer satisfaction, we provide a super easy return policy and never charge any restocking fees. This ensures our customers trust us.
  • We have ensured to give the best prices online than any other retailer.
  • We encourage our customers to check reviews first before giving us an order. As we are awarded 5 stars by our customers.

The Best Lightsabers

We believe in good service which comes with honesty and hard work. We also provide customized lightsabers for under 600$ which is extremely reasonable if you know the difference between an authentic and a fraudulent lightsaber. Give us a chance to make your dream of owning the best quality, realistic-looking, and outclass featuring lightsaber at the best price. Do not forget to read reviews from our 5000+ happy lightsaber fans. Along with that, you can ask any questions before and after the delivery or while placing your order. You can also see the FAQs, which will help you to know furthermore. Hope to ship your order soon


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