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Why has the price of used cars increased?

In recent years, the price of cars has steadily increased, and it doesn’t look like the industry will look to change that any time soon. While this may be frustrating for consumers, it’s important to understand the underlying factors that are contributing to these price hikes.

The history of how the car came to dominate modern life is long and fascinating. Beginning with the invention of the first gasoline-powered automobile by Karl Benz in 1885, over the years, the industry has gone through many changes.

In 1908, Henry Ford’s Model T became the first mass produced automobile and changed the industry forever. 100 years later and the development of electric and hybrid vehicles is shaking up the market in a similar way. Today, car manufacturing is more competitive than ever with numerous companies vying for their share of the lucrative market.

Recent Price Increases

One reason for the rising prices of cars is the increase in cost of materials and labor. As raw materials common in the car manufacturing process become more expensive, like steel and aluminum, so too do the prices of cars. Labor costs have also increased in recent years as many companies have faced pressure to increase wages, benefits, and basic working standards for their workers.

According to the natural laws of the free market, an increase in demand causes an increase in prices and, globally, demand for vehicles has skyrocketed. As the planet’s population grows, and more people have the means to drive than ever before, there is more demand for cars than there used to be.

Car Finance

Buying a car can be the second most significant purchase of a person’s life and finding the capital to cover it can be difficult. There are several car finance options available to help make the purchase more affordable.

These include traditional car loans which allow buyers to borrow money in order to purchase a car and pay it back over time with interest. There are also lease agreements where a monthly fee is paid to use a car for a set period of time before returning it to the dealership.

In addition to financing the entire vehicle, financial assistance is also available in covering some of the most expensive components. Purchasing new wheels on finance is a great way to spread the cost out over several months, making it more manageable and avoiding having to pay with cash up front.

Used Cars

The current environment has led to an increase in the production of new cars but, equally, has put pressure on the supply of used cars. One factor contributing to this is the shortage of new cars due to a scarcity of the required microchips.

These tiny components have become essential for the operation of many aspects of modern life and new vehicles are no different. Problems in the global microchip supply chain have led many car manufacturers to slow down or halt production of new vehicles, leading to a shortage of new cars on the market – if you have tried to purchase a new car within the last few years, you’ll be aware of the waiting lists on many models.

The shortage of new cars has made the prospect of buying a used car more attractive to consumers which has, in turn, driven up their prices. But a used car isn’t always an old car – many used cars can be only a few months old and may have been well-maintained by their previous owners.

Used cars can often be a more reliable choice than a new car, as any defects or issues have already been identified and addressed during the time it has been used since new. Cars are notorious for depreciating hugely as quickly as they drive off the dealer’s forecourt.


So, what does the future hold for the price of cars? It’s difficult to say for sure, but it’s likely that prices will continue to rise in the short term.

However, there are several factors that could lead to a decrease in prices in the years to come. For example, the development of new technology like electric and self-driving cars could lead to a decrease in the cost of manufacturing vehicles.


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