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1932 Release Date Status: Is Yellowstone Based On A True Story?

Taylor Sheridan can’t seem to be stopped. The writer, director, producer, and actor who can do many things made Paramount’s breakout hit Yellowstone in 2018, and he hasn’t slowed down since then. Sheridan is Paramount’s favorite writer, and the company just extended his long-term contract with them until 2028. He now has nine (yes, nine!) series on the air or in the works.

Sheridan hasn’t let Paramount or Paramount+ down in any way. Mayor of Kingstown and Yellowstone prequel series 1883, two of the shows he made for the old-school network’s big move into original streaming content, are real hits for the streamer and have been renewed and extended, respectively.

A new prequel to Yellowstone called 1932 has also been picked up by Paramount+. After months of rumors and silence from people working on the show, we finally know who will be in the prequel series. Helen Mirren, who won an Oscar, and Harrison Ford, who was nominated for an Oscar, will be in the story of how the Dutton family got started.

Here’s what we know about the new show, including when the first episode will air.

What Is The Story Of The Prequel To Yellowstone, 1932?

In the prequel to Yellowstone, 1932, the Dutton family goes through another time of growth in U.S. history: the early 1930s and later. In the new series, we’ll see the Duttons go back to the early 1900s when the mountain west was hit by pandemics, a long drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression.

Downton Abbey came out in the 1910s, Boardwalk Empire in the 1920s, and 1932 in the 1930s.

1932 Release Date Information

With the news of the cast came the earliest gift for the New Year: the premiere date for 1932. The first episode of 1932 will air in 2023, just like 1883 did.

Who Is Going To Be Cast In 1932?

At this point, only Harrison Ford and Dame Helen Mirren have been confirmed to be in 1932.

Mirren has won many acting awards, including the Oscar, the BAFTA, the Golden Globe, the Emmy, the Tony, and the Olivier. The main reason she is so well-known is that she played Queen Elizabeth II in the movie The Queen, for which she won several awards.

Mirren is also well-known for playing DCI Jane Tennison on the TV show Prime Suspect and Queen Elizabeth I in a miniseries with the same name.

She has also helped write Catherine the Great, The Passion of Ayn Rand, The Good Liar, and The Duke. The role of Magdalene “Queenie” Shaw in the Fast & Furious movie series is the most recent one she has played.


Harrison Ford was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Yellowstone’s 1932, and he just got a second role on TV. Apple TV+ said in April that Ford would be the main character in their new comedy series, Shrinking. This will be the first time in Ford’s career that he has played a major role on TV.

Harrison Ford is best known for his roles as Han Solo in Star Wars, Rick Deckard in Blade Runner, and Indiana Jones in the long-running Indiana Jones movie series.

He also played important parts in movies like The Fugitive, Working Girl, The Mosquito Coast, and Sabrina, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. Witness got him a nomination as well.

Fans think that Ford will play John Dutton Sr., a role that was first played by Audie Rick in 1883. However, the identities of their characters are being kept a secret at the moment, which is unfortunate because it is a secret who they will be playing.

Has Filming For 1932 Begun Yet?

As far as we know, 1932 has not yet started shooting. Since the show was just announced, it’s not clear if 1932 is still being made or if episodes are already being written.

1932 will stream exclusively on Paramount+.

Is Yellowstone Based On A True Story?

No, the Yellowstone series is made up. Taylor Sheridan and John Linson made it up. Even though Yellowstone really does exist, this show is all made up. Yellowstone, on the other hand, was shot on a real ranch in Montana.

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