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Zeina Khoury Net Worth 2023: How Rich is ‘Dubai Bling’ Star in 2023!!

Zeina Khoury is a well-known name in the entertainment industry, having made a significant impact as Dubai Bling Star. She has also become an influential figure in business and finance. The question on everyone’s mind right now is, what is Zeina Khoury’s net worth in 2023? In this article, we will explore all the sources of income that have contributed to her wealth, as well as her current estimated net worth.

Who is Zeina Khoury?

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Zeina Khoury is a well-known figure in the business and entrepreneurship communities. She is a Lebanese-American who has distinguished herself through her diligence and perseverance. Zeina has been recognized as one of the world’s top 50 most influential Arab women, and with good reason. She is the chief executive officer and founder of two thriving businesses, Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP) and Vantage Capital.

Zeina was born and raised in Lebanon, and her educational background is impressive. In 2006, she relocated to Dubai to begin her career and now owns her own real estate empire. was also founded by her, according to her LinkedIn profile.

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What is Zeina Khoury’s Net Worth?

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Zeina Khoury has earned an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023. She is expected to make $300,000 yearly as High Mark Real Estate Brokers CEO. Additionally, she might earn an average of $40,000 annually from social media platforms.

YearZeina Khoury’s Net Worth (estimated)
2019$1.2 million
2020$1.6 million
2021$2.2 million
2022 and start of 2023$3 million

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Zeina Khoury Career

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Zeina Khoury is a prominent entrepreneur and investor who has substantially impacted the technology and venture capital industries. She has over two decades of experience in these industries, having begun her career in Lebanon at various technology firms. Later, Zeina relocated to the United States to pursue an MBA at the Wharton School, after which she worked for Goldman Sachs in New York City.

In 2010, Zeina founded the leading venture capital firm in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP). Under her direction, MEVP has become a well-respected name in the tech industry, with a portfolio of diversely successful companies.

Zeina is also the founder of Vantage Capital, a fintech company that offers financial services to underbanked communities in the Middle East. She is also a board member of several prestigious companies, including the Dubai-based venture capital firm Wamda Capital.

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Zeina Khoury Achievements

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Zeina Khoury’s accomplishments are numerous and noteworthy. Forbes Middle East has recognized her as one of the most influential Arab women in the world, and Arabian Business has ranked her among the top 100 most influential businesswomen in the Arab world. Zeina is a frequent speaker at tech and business events around the globe, where she shares her knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs and investors.

In addition to her leadership at MEVP, Zeina has advocated for gender equality and women’s empowerment. She is a Women’s Advisory Board member at the American University of Beirut and has participated in several initiatives to promote workplace diversity and inclusion.

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Zeina Khoury Awards

Multiple prestigious awards have been bestowed upon Zeina Khoury in recognition of her contributions to the world of business and entrepreneurship. The Arabian Business Awards named her Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020. At the 2018 Arabian Business Achievement Awards, she was recognized as the Venture Capitalist of the Year.

In addition to these awards, Zeina has been recognized as a tech industry leader and innovator. In 2019, Gulf Business named her one of the 100 Most Powerful Arabs in Technology. These honors attest to Zeina’s commitment, hard work, and contributions to the business and technology worlds.

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Zeina Khoury Fortune in Real Estate

In January 2007, Khoury began working as a Property Consultant for Emirates Sunland. She served as a consultant for over two years before being promoted to head of collections in January 2009. After one year, she was promoted to Director of Collections and Client Relations. In January 2012, Zeina severed her ties with Emirates Sunland after more than five years of service. After that, she began working as a senior manager for High Mark Real Estate Brokers. She became the company’s chief executive officer in January 2012 and still holds the position.

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She has contributed as a real estate expert to several luxury properties, including D1 Tower and Palazzo Versace Dubai. Khoury has also co-founded BookAnySerivce, which allows users to book convenient and hassle-free services anytime.

Zeina appreciates many art forms and enjoys learning about various civilizations. She enjoys watching movies and has had the opportunity to meet several of her favorite musicians, including Michelle Morrone.
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