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Zeina Khoury Net Worth 2022 : How This Person Become So Rich?

Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling‘ is a reality series that follows some of the wealthiest residents of Dubai, UAE. The show features several members of the same social group who have known each other for a long time. As expected, the show has its fair share of drama, thanks to heated conversations, conflicting opinions, and bitter history. However, amidst all the chaos, one can also find moments full of love, joy, and warmth.

What is Zeina Khoury’s Net Worth?

Given Zeina’s long experience in the luxury real estate industry, it is easy to believe that the reality TV star has accumulated impressive wealth over the years. To get an idea of how rich she is, we must consider her roles as a CEO, a business owner, and social media personality. In Dubai, a CEO of Zeina’s caliber would earn around $300,000 annually. Her social media following would likely add an average of $40,000 to her per-annum income. Keeping her various sources of income in mind, we estimate Zeina Khoury’s net worth to be around $2.5 million.

One of the most prominent cast members of the show is Zeina Khoury, whose glamorous and career-oriented lifestyle earned her many admirers. Naturally, many fans cannot help but be curious about the reality TV star’s worth and how she is accumulated her wealth. If you are in the same boat and are eager to explore the topic, here is everything we know about the same!

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How Did Zeina Khoury Earn Her Money?

Zeina Khoury is a highly respected name in Dubai’s real estate industry. She started working in the field in January 2007 as a Property Consultant for Emirates Sunland. However, in January 2009, she changed positions and began serving as Head of Collections in the same organization.

Zeina retained the position until May 2010, when her responsibilities were expanded, and her job title was changed to Head of collections and Client Relations.

In January 2012, Zeina left Emirates Sunland behind and took up the CEO role for High Mark Real Estate Brokers. As of writing, she still retains the position and contributes to the organization in multiple ways. Zeina was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of High Mark Real Estate Brokers at a senior management level.

The reality TV star maintains an impressive portfolio with high-end properties for Palazzo Versace Dubai, D1 Tower, and several other remarkable locations.

In addition to her real estate achievements, Zeina has been the Co-Founder of since October 2014. The company allows the general public to book different services via the internet. Zeina got her BBA in Banking & Finance from Notre Dame University – Louaize.

In 2020, she studied Introduction to Financial Accounting, Accounting, and Finance at Wharton Online.

The real estate icon completed her Executive MBA in Business Administration and Management, General, from London Business School between 2020 and 2022. Zeina’s volunteering experiences include serving as an Event Organiser and Master of Ceremonies for the Lebanese Red Cross and working as an Auctioneer for NDU – UAE ALUMNI. Moreover, she has a significant amount of followers on social media platforms.

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The Children & Husband of Zeina Khoury

Zeina Khoury Net Worth

Zeina, a star of Dubai Bling, is married and has two kids, a son named Joey and a cute daughter named Alexa. Zeina’s Instagram pictures frequently include Khour’s husband, but she never calls him by name.

The Lebanese developer of real estate, who resides in Dubai, is unable to spend time with her family because of business obligations.

Zeina appreciates many art forms and enjoys learning about various civilizations. She enjoys watching movies and has had the opportunity to meet several of her favorite musicians, including Michelle Morrone.
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