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Youtube Tv Launched 4k: New Package Update Here’s What You All Need To Know About The New

YouTube TV is now available in 4K. With a new package update, you can now enjoy YouTube TV on your big screen with crystal clear picture quality and sound.

We’ve added more than 50 channels to our lineup including AMC, BBC America, Bravo, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, CNN International, ESPN2 and dozens of others.

Plus we have all the local sports networks like NBC Sports Bay Area and regional FOX Sports Networks like YES Network (home of Yankees baseball) so you never miss a game again! You don’t need cable anymore! Get live TV from over 50 networks plus tons of on-demand shows for less than $40 per month. Watch live or catch up.

A new add-on package called 4K Plus has quietly debuted on YouTube TV. 4K video streaming and downloads. The 4K Plus package’s sole objective is to make people feel as if they are living in the moment.

To allow for a similar type of journey, YouTube is letting 4K Plus subscribers to view the action in 4K resolution with a limitless stream and 5.1 Dolby audio capability for all YouTube TV members, which is a direct response to the most commonly requested feature from customers who want to maximize their viewing experience with dazzle sound.

For example, the 3D reconstruction attempt might have been worth a try if it had been done simultaneously with other technology.

However, by doing so far ahead of time and using incompatible hardware, some flaws may have emerged. These breakthroughs may also assist YouTube in providing a more cinematic experience, giving it a distinct advantage over competitors who are less likely to The changes are all about tapping into a dedicated group of YouTube TV viewers.

A new add-on from YouTube TV has been introduced that allows viewers to watch entertainment in 4K and save it to a DVR for later viewing. The YouTube TV 4K Plus plan, which includes all four of HBO’s +1 channels in addition to the full range of other premium channels like Cinemax, Starz, Showtime (which is why you can’t access it through YouTube Red), and more, costs $19.99 per month in the United States alone.

It’s not a bargain, in comparison to the regular $64.99 per month YouTube TV membership.

Pricing Of The Package-

In December, YouTube announced 4K broadcasting and downloadable playlists a few months before they were unveiled, but there was no word on how much consumers would have to pay.

To alleviate the strain, YouTube has stated that early adopters may sign up for 4K Plus at a reduced rate – $9.99 per month for the first year. All current YouTube TV members will get a free 30-day trial (which is convenient for the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo).

Customers will be given a one-month trial if they join slightly sooner, and 4K Plus pricing will be lowered to $9.99 per month for the first year if they sign up sooner.

If you don’t cancel your subscription after the free trial period, you’ll be charged the full price. So, for the first year, you’ll pay $75 per month and $85 if you keep 4K Plus after that. The service will bundle the three services together in a new add-on kit called 4K Plus. You can’t have one without the other.

It’s a no-brainer when you take into account taxes and fees.

But hang on a second. They are not telling you something important.

The main drawback is that YouTube TV does not yet provide much 4K content. Homecoming, as well as selected live and on-demand content from Discovery, Nat Geo, NBC Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports 1/2/3/4/5/6/, FX+, Tastemade.

There aren’t many things that can be done to resolve this issue. It is also worth noting that, while YouTube TV has thousands of hours of content to watch at any time, the site will only display videos in 4K if you have a suitable 4K television or source.

Nonetheless, it promises that this summer’s major sports events will be available in 4K, as well as live curation from networks like NBC

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Why Should You Pay Extra For 4k Plus?

It’s a major selling point since it allows users to download free games and apps. If you want to find out whether there are any restrictions on the material that may be obtained through offline downloads, or anything that can be recorded to your cloud DVR Because YouTube TV is a basic channel package, all content recorded to your cloud DVR from it can be downloaded to the YouTube TV mobile app.

There should be no channel or content limitations. Another benefit of 4K Plus is that it supports “unlimited” continuous streams on your home Wi-Fi network for any gadgets. It’s usually just three streams.

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