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Yellowstone 1923 Release in DEC 2022!: Cast, Spoiler, Where To Watch & Here All Details

The Yellowstone universe is expanding, which is good news for those who have been anxiously awaiting the protracted period of Dutton-free time building up to Yellowstone’s upcoming sixth excursion.

In addition to renewing the hugely successful 1883 for more episodes, streaming service Paramount+ said in February that they had also ordered a brand-new miniseries called 1932 that would explore a completely another period in the history of the Dutton family. However, given that the streamer revealed in June that the show’s title had been altered from 1932 to 1923, it now seems as though there have been some alterations to the show’s idea.

The show’s decision to move the timeline backward appears to be done in order to examine the effects of World War I and the early years of the Great Depression. a statement on the title change stated, “1923 focuses on the Dutton family’s next two generations as they struggle to survive historic drought, lawlessness and prohibition, and an epidemic of cattle theft; all battled beneath the cloud of Montana’s great depression, which preceded the nation by almost a decade.”

When is the 1923 release date?

Although a precise date has not been established, Paramount Plus has announced that 1923 will make its debut in December 2022.

Similar to how 1883 was released, which debuted in the US in December 2021, this series will be launched in December. Before the following eight episodes of 1883 were only accessible via the streaming service, its first two episodes debuted alongside brand-new episodes of Yellowstone season 4 on the cable channel Paramount Network. Although it’s unknown whether 1923 will follow a similar release schedule, there’s a decent probability Yellowstone season 5 will premiere new episodes around that time.

Where to Watch

1923 will air on Paramount+, just like 1883, while Yellowstone is broadcast on Paramount Network and streamed on Peacock.

Yellowstone spin-off 6666 will air on Paramount Network, while 1883: Bass Reeves will air on Paramount+.

1923: What you need to know

  • Set in 1923, it immediately follows 1883, the first prequel to Yellowstone.

The planned Western drama series 1923 is made by MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios, the same company that makes Yellowstone, 1883, and Mayor of Kingstown, which was created by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. The show’s initial announcement under the moniker 1932 hinted that it would take place during the Great Depression. The series will, according to Paramount, be set at the close of World War I and the beginning of prohibition. It occurs about 35 years before John Dutton III, the Kevin Costner-portrayed character in Yellowstone, was born.

The two generations of the Dutton family after 1883 are the main focus of Paramount’s second Yellowstone prequel, specifically as they “struggle to survive historic drought, lawlessness and prohibition, and an epidemic of cattle theft; all battled under the cloud of Montana’s great depression, which preceded the nation by almost a decade.”

Remember that the Dutton family was last seen by viewers in 1883, a series that just started last year. It described the Duttons’ voyage to Montana and how they ended up settling there as opposed to their original plan of going to Oregon. The teenage daughter of James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret (Faith Hill) Dutton, Elsa (Isabel May), passed away before the couple could reach Oregon, which was their intended destination. James lay her to rest in the valley in Montana that would later become the Dutton residence. John, Elsa’s brother, presumably continued the Dutton ancestry.

Who’s in the 1923 cast?

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will be leading the cast, Paramount+ disclosed along with the news that the show will premiere in December. We can only presume that the Academy Award-winning actress and Oscar-nominated actor will be playing members of a different generation of the Dutton family even if the specific parts they will be playing have not yet been revealed.

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