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Work tables with undershelf: keep more items below the working top

Great for cooking and storing a vast range of small items and heavy-weight kitchen objects, steel tables of different heights and sizes are ideal for use in the bar, restaurant, or any other commercial space. Work tables with undershelf are made of top-tier stainless steel so that you can use them for a long time without being engaged in constant cleaning or fixing. Care for such a worktop is a cinch, as no special equipment is needed for keeping the steel surface clean. The model can be constructed not only with a shelf mounted below but also with a backsplash for more protection of the surrounding area and walls since the tidiness can be compromised due to intensive cooking activity. Shelves are provided in the lower part to create individual storage space. The stainless steel commercial work table with undershelf must also have leveling feet that have a non-slip design that provides excellent stability and floor protection.

Other accessories that can be added to make work tables with undershelf more versatile:

  • as indicated above, it can be a backsplash to ensure that no stains will occur and nothing will fall off the table;
  • except for one shelf, it can be stainless steel work tables with two undershelves and also it can be a unit for storage attached above the working top (such a modification also add convenience);
  • drawers for holding all daily-used utensils;
  • a table can come with a door in the bottom section;
  • also, modifications can differ significantly in terms of working surface dimensions, your choice must depend on the size of the kitchen.

It can be a ready-made design or you can order a customized option. Any model can be completed with additional options: a drawer, a cabinet, a shelf, and a back panel. The production table is the main workplace of the kitchen staff, which is intended for the implementation of technological operations and hundreds of processes daily. Any professional kitchen space should have several modifications of production tables in its arsenal, e.g. work tables with undershelf, separately for each operation, as required by the cooking technology.

Kitchen equipment that adds storage space with the right solution

Apart from shelving for tables, you can always opt for shelves that can be attached to the vertical wall or mobile shelving systems with several tiers. The smooth and crack-free surface of such constructions improves the kitchen practicality, can add speed to each action performed during meal preparation, and totally reshape the professional interior. Equipment stands, racks, and other storage solutions are available in the AmGoodSupply catalog. Damage-proof, water-resistant, and impervious units are pocket-friendly and long-lasting. You can create the most ergonomic kitchen layouts, as every component will be matched excellently with each other. For example, by installing a table with a shelf below, you can attach a set of vertical shelving units above it. Zoning the area in such a smart way, you won’t be encumbered with the problem of losing important things needed for the food prep routine. You will be sure that everything has the right place.


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