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Will John Wall or Patrick Beverley make a more considerable difference in Los Angeles as the new guards?

Steve Aschburner: John Wall. I am taking a chance that Wall will stay healthy for most of the season. If he does, he will be a full-service point guard with a new chance at a long career.

He will have a large team to choose from, so he will not have to do as much on his own, and if we believe what he says, he is very eager for this chance. Patrick Beverley‘s defensive skills will not change everything about the Lakers, and his annoying style may irritate some teammates almost as much as it does the other team.

Brian Martin says: This comes down to which player is more valuable: Wall, a former All-Star with a higher ceiling, or Beverley, a player who always gives you what you expect. I am going with the second option because Beverley’s skills and attitude should go well with the Lakers’ star players.

Beverley is a defensive pest, and when he is not chasing down opposing guards and making hustle plays on defense, he can spread the floor as a reliable 3-point threat (his career 3-point shooting percentage is 37.8%). He will help compensate for the loss of Malik Monk and his team-high 173 3-pointers from last season. The 2021-22 season was the first time since 2014-15 that Beverley shot less than 38% from deep.

Wall has only played 113 games over the past five seasons. He joins the Clippers, who have a lot of “if healthy” players, like All-Stars Kawhi Leonard (who missed all of last season because of knee surgery) and Paul George (who missed 51 games with a torn elbow tendon). Mark Medina says that as a new guard in Los Angeles, Patrick Beverley will make a bigger difference than John Wall.

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Wall, who sat on the bench in Houston, will have a strong season after sitting out last year (either because of injuries or so the Rockets could further develop their young players). But Wall is only one of the LA Clippers’ core players who can play with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

If the Los Angeles Lakers win or lose, it is mainly because LeBron James and Anthony Davis are healthy. Still, the Lakers got Beverley because he has skills that the team did not have last year. Beverley brings a tough defense, a good shot from the outside, and a level of intensity that he expects others to match.

Beverley and Russell Westbrook will only find out if they bring out the best or worst in each other by playing together. But Beverley will at least help his teammates get better. Shaun Powell: Both guards will bring something that each team needs—Beverley will bring spice, and

Wall will make plays—but based on talent alone, this game is a landslide. Wall used to be a top-five point guard in this league and was an All-Star. Even though injuries may have hurt him (we will find out how much this season), Wall is only 32 years old and can still score 15 to 20 points and give 7 to 8 assists per game on average.

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If he is anything like he was when he was healthy a few years ago, the Clippers got a steal. John Schuhmann says Beverley is more important right now because he is the Lakers’ best backcourt defender and has made 40% of his catch-and-shoot 3-pointers over the last three seasons (505 total attempts).

With that, he is in a better position than Wall to help his team’s best players. In May and June, the Clippers will almost certainly still be playing. If Wall can make some big plays on the biggest stage, or if his inability to shoot hurts the Clippers in a prominent spot, that will matter more than what Beverley did for a team that, right now, does not look like it can make it past the first round.

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Wright, Michael C.: There is a video of Wall saying, “I am him,” but his injury history is not clear enough to know how it will affect the upcoming season. If Wall were fully healthy, there is no doubt he would have a more significant impact because of his ability to push the pace, penetrate downhill, and find All-Star wings like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

People do not like Beverley, but let us give credit where credit is due. He will probably have the most effective of the new guards in Los Angeles. You can say anything about his game.

But the guy wins by any means possible, and he is the kind of player who helps build a culture. Watch as the Lakers get more aggressive on defense this season, led by Beverley.

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