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‘Why Women Kill’ Season 3: Has Paramount+ canceled the series?

American dark comedy-drama anthology series Why Marc Cherry produced Women Kill. The series, which spans multiple time periods, depicts the circumstances that ultimately led to the deaths of several men and women. Since the second season concluded on July 29, 2021, people have been wondering whether or not the show will be renewed, as it has received positive reviews and built a sizable fan base in that time. Many fans have wondered if the franchise would be renewed or canceled.

Thus it is reasonable to inquire about its future. We regret to inform you of some disappointing news. Paramount+ has decided to end Why Women Kill after its third season, so fans who were eagerly awaiting the next chapter will have to wait a little longer to catch up on the show. The show has been added to the roster of others that the network has canceled without warning. What we know so far regarding the end of filming for Season 3 of Why Women Kill is outlined below.

Is Season 3 of Why Women Kill in the works?

As Season 2 of Why Women Kill was revealed to be the last, the network made the decision to cancel Season 3 of the show. In December of 2021, production was greenlit for season three. The show was scheduled to begin filming in July 2022, but the network canceled the project at the last minute.

There has been no new information regarding the possibility of the show being picked up by another extensive TV network for additional seasons. This means that the series is still off the air for the time being.

Thus, sadly, even if it had the potential to build a fanbase eager to see more seasons of these shows in order to see the characters develop and make the episodes better with each passing week, which intrigued viewers to at least tune into seeing how the show creator will deal with these characters, the shows have not been renewed for additional seasons.

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It is unfortunate for those that followed the show in the hopes that it would get better that they will not get to see the next episode.

Why was Why Women Kill cancelled?

A spokeswoman for the streaming service told Deadline, “Paramount+ has made the difficult decision not to move forward with Season 3 of Why Women Kill.”

After two fantastic seasons, we want to express our gratitude to everyone involved: CBS Studios and Imagine Television Studios; creator and showrunner Marc Cherry; and the incredible cast and crew.

Although President of Paramount+ Original Scripted Series Nicole Clemens praised the show’s strong Season 2 performance in the Season 3 renewal announcement, stating that it ranked “within the top 10 series on Paramount+ in terms of overall engagement and new subscriber acquisition,” the sudden decision on the eve of production came as a surprise.

There was a widespread cancellation of sitcoms by television networks in the early part of 2022. Like many other networks, Paramount+ has reduced investment in original TV series that may not have been profitable and has canceled a number of its programs.

Plot of  Why Women Kill Season 3

The first season of Why Women Kill centers on three women, one from each decade, who live together in a house in Pasadena and form a tight friendship over their common experience of adultery inside their respective marriages. In 1963, Beth Ann Stanton was happy in her role as a housewife until she discovered that her husband Rob was cheating on her.

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When socialite Simone Grove finds out her third husband, Karl, is gay and having an affair with a younger guy in 1984. When bisexual attorney Taylor Harding and her husband Eli both develop romantic affection for the same woman, Jade, in 2019, their open marriage is put to the test. A woman’s death is the culmination of a chain of events that begins with adultery in each marriage.

Why Women Kill Season 3: What Would It Be About?

The final episode of Season 2 of Why Women Kill aired on July 29, 2021, after the entire season had been broadcast. David Warren directed the series finale, The Lady Confesses, which was written by Joe Keenan. The episode’s official summary reads, “After Vern’s investigation leads to his new in-laws, Alma devises a desperate and dramatic scheme to protect her glory, notoriety, and newly glamorous life.”

According to Deadline, had the show been renewed for a third season, fans would have seen how the story could have continued either with the same characters and plotlines or with entirely new ones. There was potential for the season to be prolonged so that the dynamics and subplots of the characters could be explored, which would have been beneficial to the fans that stuck with the show.

As a result, trying to speculate on what Season 3 of Why Women Kill would have entailed is a futile exercise at this point. The showrunners might have been able to delve deeper into the franchise’s relationships if they had been given more information about the prospective expanded plot.

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How can I watch Why Women Kill online?

Both seasons of Why Women Kill is currently available to stream in their entirety on Paramount+. Depending on the user’s area and membership selection, they can stream Why Women Kill by renting or purchasing it on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. To refresh your memory on what went down in the previous seasons, we suggest you renew your membership and start streaming the series.

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