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Why Did George Jones and Tammy Wynette Divorce? Here is All You Need To Know About Their Marriage Life

George and Tammy follow the true story of the titular couple who was dubbed as the President and First Lady of country music. It begins with their first encounter when Tammy Wynette starts her illustrious career, whereas George Jones is already a well-known country music star.

Many couples reach a point in their marriage when they realize that the relationship is not working and has run its course. Tammy and George were no different. After many years together, Tammy and George decided to end their marriage and divorce. This article will explore what led them to this difficult decision and provide insight into the effects of divorce on both parties.

Why Did George Jones and Tammy Wynette Divorce?

George Jones and Tammy Wynette had a great deal of affection, but Jones’ alcoholism caused problems for the couple throughout their marriage. According to Source, Wynette stated, “I was nagging, and he was nipping,” about their argument. Tammy Wynette noted that he “drinks to such an extent that he becomes completely unmanageable.” They were exceptional as a musical duo but not excellent at maintaining a loving relationship. Although she filed for divorce in 1973, they eventually reconciled. She stated that by setting a deadline for Jones, she tried to persuade him to stop drinking.

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Do you know!!! Tammy Wynette Filed For Divorce Twice From George Jones to Stop His Excessive Drinking

Mr. and Mrs. Country Music wed in 1969, and Wynette filed for divorce for the first time in 1973. However, they reunited, and she claimed that the move had been Jones’ doctor’s attempt to curb his drinking.

Some of their supporters did not approve of divorce, and this would be the third for each of them. Consequently, they issued We’re Gonna Hold On” while continuing to make individual albums and duets. And they attempted to make their marriage work.

In 1975, Wynette told PEOPLE that their relationship was over after Jones missed a recording session. Following an argument with his irritated wife, he spent nearly $30,000 on a limousine and fled to Florida.

Wynette declared, “This is it,” even though some of their acquaintances told PEOPLE that the couple could reconcile. During this time, though, she was romantically linked to Burt Reynolds.

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What Happened After The Divorce….. 

Despite their divorce, they continued to work together on music, producing successes like “Near You” and “Golden Ring.”

One year later, in 1978, Jones disclosed to People Magazine that he was addicted to alcohol and drank a bit more than he should have while hating that his father had the same problem. In addition, he added that their” tempers rose before they could find the opportunity to talk about what was bothering them..”

In 1980, the duo continued to create music, releasing the album Together Again and performing 35 concerts. According to Tammy, her producer Billy Sherill proposed a reunion, but the two did not communicate much after the tour concluded.

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Tammy subsequently wed twice, first to Michael Tomlin, a Nashville-based real estate agent, in June 1977 and then to songwriter and producer George Richey in June 1978.

However, George did marry once following the couple’s divorce. Jones and Nancy Sepulvado were wed in 1983. In 1995, in celebration of their final album together, One, the country pair embarked on a tour. In the same year, Jones revealed his reconciliation with Wynette with People Magazine, stating that” a lot of old stage memories from our past collaborative work came flooding back. In contrast, it doesn’t do anything to rekindle memories of past events. All of the rest has been blocked from our minds.”

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My Parent’s Love Story Was Fated: Daughter “Georgette Jones”

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Georgette Jones, Wynette and Jones’s daughter, stated that she still feels her parents’ love story was predestined, even though their marriage lasted barely five years and their turbulent lives frequently mirrored the pain in their lyrics.

“I think it was going to happen to them inevitably, regardless of what Don had said or done on that particular night,” says Georgette, a singer-songwriter who also acted as consulting producer on the series. “My dad and mom had such a connection over music that it was effortless for them to go down that road.… [My mom] knew this was her soulmate. But unfortunately, sometimes love isn’t enough.”

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