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“Who Is Singing On Midnight Rain?!? Is This Just Taylor’s Voice With Effects?”

Midnights, Taylor Swift‘s tenth studio album, is now available. The Swifties are already dissecting the songs, as they are wont to do. “Midnight Rain” is one of the songs that has already established its popularity. 

Swift talks about the aftershocks of loss in the sixth track of the album, remembering the solace that contributed to a relationship’s death

The chorus of the song features her singing, “He was sunshine I was midnight rain / He wanted it comfortable I wanted that pain / He wanted a bride, I was making my own name / Chasing that fame, he stayed the same / All of me changes like midnight,”

A low voice may be heard singing some of the choruses throughout the entire song. 

Fans have already used Twitter to speculate about the identity of the voice. 

One Twitter user questioned, “What’s that voice on Midnight Rain? Is it simply a modulated voice or is it someone else?”

Who Is The  Enigmatic Singer In Taylor Swift’s “Midnight Rain”? 

A particularly low voice may be heard at the song’s beginning and at each chorus of “Midnight Rain.” 

Naturally, Swifties immediately began to speculate about who the unusual voice belonged to, with many speculating that it might have been her voice but with additional effects. 

A source close to Tay herself verified to Uproxx that it is still the singer after many people flocked to Twitter to speculate about who it could be.

They said, “That is Taylor’s voice on Midnight Rain turned down.”

What Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnight Rain’ About? 

Swifties also wonder who her “Midnight Rain” love interest is. 

Taylor not only sings about heartbreak in another contemplative track; this time, she actually experiences it. 

The song’s lyrics, which allude to a relationship before she became famous, read:

“Rain/He wanted it comfortable/ I wanted that pain/ He wanted a bride/I was making my own name/Chasing that fame/He stayed the same/All of me changed/Like midnight.”

As she starts the first line, Taylor keeps talking about her hometown, which may give a picture of her life before she became famous. 

After calling the place she was born a “wasteland” full of “pageant queens and big pretenders,” she ends her essay with the famous line, “I broke his heart because he was nice.” 

Taylor keeps singing about “the life I gave away,” alluding to her life before fame. 

The Swifties haven’t yet figured out who the mysterious local lad might be, but they are, of course, already on Twitter looking into it. Honestly, if anyone can figure it out, it’s them!

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