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Who Is the Girl on Drake, 21 Savage’s Her Loss Album Cover?

As Drake and 21 Savage prepare to drop their collaborative album Her Loss tonight, fans are curious about the woman who appears on the cover art of their highly anticipated project.

Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss, which hits DSPs on Friday (Nov. 4), features a close-up shot of model and exotic dancer Qui Yasuka, who goes by Suki Baby on social media.

Meet Suki, The Girl On Drake & 21 Savage's Album Cover

On the Her Loss cover, Yasuka rocks a Band-Aid on her right cheek, which is reminiscent of rapper Nelly’s Band-Aid placement on the cover of Nellyville. The young woman’s piercing brown eyes feature outrageous eyelashes and her pearly white teeth are accessorized with two gold fronts. Yasuka also wears a Chanel earring and baby hairs.

Yasuka is fairly active on social media. According to her tweets on Twitter, she is an exotic dancer at Onyx. In one tweet, she jokes, “Suki girl here, this booty on duty.”

Yasuka is fairly active on social media. According to her tweets on Twitter, she is an exotic dancer at Onyx. In one tweet, she jokes, “Suki girl here, this booty on duty.”

Although many of her fans may know her from her OnlyFans account, Yasuka is also on Twitch. During her recent two-hour chat session, she installed a stripper pole in the middle of her living room. Later, she briefly displayed some of her pole-dancing skills.

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Outside of being a dancer, Yasuka is also a 3D-design artist. She posted some of her designing work on her YouTube page.

I started sketching n 3D designing in high school and when I moved back from [Japan] a few years ago I stopped completely n dropped out of college and continued to dance to pay bills, but now I get to go back to school and finish what I started!” she tweeted.
Yasuka revealed many things about herself when sharing her interests, which provided some hints into why Drake and 21 Savage wanted her on the cover.

She has a nail business

In her gtalks! interview, Yasuka said that she has her own business and began doing nails in high school.

She’s also interested in teeth jewelry and girls, noting that she has books on the anatomy of teeth to help her know how grills can be crafted.

Yasuka also sells prints of the photos she captures.

Who is Qui Yasuka? Mystery Model on Drake and 21 Savage's Album

She’s lived in the US and Japan

Yasuka is of Japanese, Black, and Cherokee descent and was born in North Carolina.

In her early years, she was in Japan before returning to the US for good.

Japanese is Ysuka’s first language.

When she got to the states, she moved to Houston for high school because she faced bullying in Japan.

But she seemed to have a good support system as her mother would defend her.

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Drake’s OVO camp “randomly” reached out to her about using the picture for the album cover

The image of Yasuka for Drake and 21 Savage’s album cover is roughly three years old.

Speaking to Complex, Aden shared that the Toronto-based record label reached out to Yasuka asking for permission to use the shot for the cover.

Aden also said that the image was Yasuka’s “profile pic” and that the “Falling Back” singer “probably fell in love with what he seen.”

It’s still unclear why the cover image was chosen, but Drake most likely thought it looked cool.

Also, the promotional aspect of Her Loss has been unlike most album rollouts so far, so having something that seems so left-field could be deemed on brand.

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