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Who Is Rachel Bilson Dating? Have a Look About Her Current Love Life

The actress Rachel Bilson is dating again. The “O.C.” star has moved on two years after splitting up with Bill Hader and has a new partner. In Wednesday’s episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, host Alex Cooper asked Bilson, “Are you currently single?” The 41-year-old actress responded, “I am not.”

Then Cooper joked, “Is he bringing you coffee in the morning? Do you think he is bringing you some missionary [sex]? To which Bilson said, “F-k yeah.” The “Hart of Dixie” star did not name her new boyfriend, but she was seen kissing artist Zac LaRoc on a beach in May, sparking relationship speculations.

In the podcast, Bilson said that her romantic interests tend to follow a particular pattern. I suppose I have dated quite a few actors, and I think that some of them, not all of them, have self-involved tendencies,” she teased before disclosing. She said that she believes this is an inevitable part of her job.


It is not true that everyone I have dated shares this trait, but it is a common thread. And it bothers me a lot. She has not disclosed whether her new flame works in Hollywood, but she has indicated she is willing to date anyone. She has even joked that she has a preference for actors because of her own work in the industry.

She stated, “I always tell myself, ‘Never again,’ and then, of course, you are in another project [with] another person.” Workers are an integral part of every office environment. You are continuously exposed to different people, and every once in a while, you will find someone with whom you click,” Bilson said.

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It makes no difference where you are. Despite the fact that you are working with the same people for the better part of a day, every day, you will find that you learn more about them than you would if you were dating someone on the side.

The father of her 7-year-old daughter Briar, Hayden Christensen, was explicitly excluded from the “self-involved tendencies” description, as pointed out by the “Last Kiss” actress. “With all due respect to my daughter’s father, he is not like that,” she explained.

Her representative did not immediately answer Page Six’s request for comment on whether or not she is dating LaRoc, but if she is, it would be an apparent violation of that “theme.” Rumors of a romance between Bilson, 30, and Hader, 44, began circulating in December 2019.

After waiting a month, they finally made their red carpet debut at the 2020 Golden Globes. But in July of 2020, after over seven months of dating, the two broke up. This summer, Bilson discussed the split, saying that the termination of their relationship amid the COVID-19 epidemic “hurt like a motherf-ker.”

That was the most challenging thing I have ever done,” she admitted. Equal to or more difficult than giving birth… If you confront it head-on, you can go on to the next challenge with the confidence that comes from overcoming adversity. Recently, Bilson quipped that she missed the “Barry” actor the most for his “big d-k.”



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