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Who Is Morgoth? A Brief Exposition Of The Antihero Of “The Lord Of The Rings”

Morgoth, also known as Melkor (who means “he who arises in force”), is the main antagonist in J.R.R. Tolkien’s book “The Silmarillion.” Morgoth means “dark opponent of the world.” And the character is mentioned quite a bit at the start of “The Rings of Power.”

Even though he is vanquished by the time the Prime Video series’ main action starts, his terrible deeds forever altered Middle-earth and gave birth to Sauron. Yes, Morgoth acted as the tutor and master of the character with the eye from “The Lord of the Rings.” The elf smith, Celebrimbor (whom we will see in this series), was befriended by Sauron, acting as he alter ego, Annatar, who also assisted him in forging the rings of power. The One Ring was then created by him to control them all. You are aware of what comes next.

The construction of these rings will be covered in “The Rings of Power.” Even though this occurs many years after Morgoth’s departure from Arda, the impact of his minion, Sauron, will change the course of history.In reality, the character who emerges from the horrific meteor impact we’ve seen in multiple trailers might be Annatar, Sauron’s alter ego.

Who is Melkor, also known as Morgoth?

The supreme creator deity, Eru Ilvatar, initially produced a large number of servile gods known as the Valar, with whom he sang Middle-earth into being. The role of the minor gods was to prepare Middle-earth for Eru’s most significant creations, the elves, and men. Only Eru could create life.

Morgoth was one of the Valar, but from the beginning, he had a hateful desire to rule over all living things. Tolkien writes, “From splendor, he slid via haughtiness to scorn for all things save himself.” Just how strong was Morgoth? Morgoth had Sauron, while Sauron had the Witch-king of Angmar as his most frightening ally.

Melkor aspired to conquer the realm long before elves, dwarves, or humans ever set foot on it. He was angry that his brother had gotten the job instead of him. Through his numerous terrible deeds, he rebelled and rose to the title of the Dark Lord of the First Age.

By taking the Silmarils, gems created from the essence of the Two Trees of Valinor, Melkor attempted to defile the universe. The trees were the world’s first source of light before there was ever a sunrise, and that theft killed them. (It’s referenced in one of the trailers, and you can see a picture of those trees there.) Their final blossoms generated the sun and the moon. As a result of his deeds, Melkor was given the name Morgoth.

He seized some of the newly formed elves and tormented them to produce the first Orcs after learning of them. You may recall the Balrogs from the “LOTR” trilogy, and depending on which account you read, he might have also been the one who gave rise to the dragons.

All of this, along with his other bad deeds, sparked a significant conflict. Morgoth was eventually apprehended and cast into the Void. But Sauron, one of his students, remained free and undetected.

Why Morgoth Might Be Significant In The Story?

Morgoth, who was the most terrible being in the history of this world, had a direct impact on what happened with Sauron and the power rings. His past actions and the fact that one of his students is still alive have a big impact on the time period we’ll look at in the series.

In a flashback from the most recent trailer, we saw Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) grieving over the body of her brother, who had died fighting Morgoth. She is chastised by other characters in the trailers for continuing to fight after the war is done because of her loss. Morgoth’s Orcs will also be in this series, according to the most recent trailer.

We also had a glimpse of some enigmatic, pale figures wearing white robes who might be Morgoth-related orders. According to Tolkien’s books, Sauron led many people in the island kingdom of Nmenor, including its ruler, to turn to worship the Dark Lord, which ultimately caused Nmenor to fall.

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