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Who is Michael ‘Mikaben’ Benjamin’s wife Vanessa? , The Grieving Widow

Son of singer Lionel Benjamin, Michael “Mikaven” Benjamin quickly rose to fame for his striking voice.

Who is Michael ‘Mikaben’ Benjamin’s wife Vanessa?

Ahead of her shocking death in October 2022, Mika Ben has tied the knot with Vanessa, her fan , who has been wanting to know more about her. Mika Ben and Vanessa got married in November 2020. Besides being known as Mika Ben’s wife, she is also known for her career at TaxFit, a professional tax advisory service based in Miramar, Florida.

She frequently posts about her family and career on her Instagram, where she has amassed over 78,000 followers.

What was Mikaben’s Cause Of Death?

 On October 15, 2022, a 41-year-old man reportedly collapsed while performing in Paris with Haitian compa band CaRiMi. Franz Duvall, the editor of a Haitian newspaper, was the first to warn fans that something was wrong. While fans were evacuating to the venue,
Mikaben was revived but was confirmed dead soon after. Vanessa later took to Instagram to thank her fans for their prayers, but revealed that she “couldn’t speak.” “I lost my other half and I was speechless,” she explained. The reasons that led to his shocking death are currently unknown.

Did Mikaben and Vanessa Have Children?

Not long after tying the knot, the Benjamin family had their first child, daughter Leia. She may still be a toddler, but her life has been well documented on her Instagram with her over 20,000 followers.
Then, on August 2, 2022, Vanessa announced that she was pregnant with her second child in December. “May God continue to guide us in His grace so that He is always the center of attention in our home,” she wrote alongside a maternity photo on Instagram. “Love is her one of our most precious possessions. May it always be a legacy to our children” .

Mikaben married Vanessa in 2020

‘Drowning In Sorrow’ : Mikaben’s Pregnant Wife Vanessa Benjamin Breaks Silence After Husband’s Death

She said: “Heavenly Father, I know you don’t make mistakes and you won’t give us what we can’t bare [sic] but… this pain is very heavy. Help me please oh merciful Lord.”

And, Vanessa shared a heartbreaking clip of herself dancing with the music star.


She captioned it: “My sweet love, How did God manage to be without you for 41 years?????”

Mikaben Was An Accomplished Singer, Composer, Guitarist, And Producer Of Haitian Music.

There were reports that the venue had been cleaned up during maintenance and had been revived. His hit song “Ayti Se” touched the hearts of millions after his devastating 2010 earthquake.

Born in Port-au-Prince, he started writing at the age of 15. Mikaben released several albums, founded the group Krezi Mizik and also worked as a producer. The music star and fans expressed their shock and condolences to his family. Three-time Grammy Award winner Wyclef Jean told the Miami Herald, “This is a shock.

“Influential Stars , This Is Him”,  One Of The Most Influential And Inspiring Young Artists Of Our Generation

Singer Roberto Martino saidBenjamin is like a “brother”. “This is someone I’ve worked with for years and considers to be a brother, a good friend. We talked almost every day.” we talk to each other Bockit Edmond, Haitian Ambassador to the United States, said,

“The Haitian Ambassador to the United States, Bockit Edmond, said, ‘After a performance like this, wow wow wow? I’m speechless. “The international music world has lost a truly talented musician. My heart goes out to his wife, children, and his parents. Music star Alex Abelard told the Haiti Times, “He was a musical genius and we lost it. “Imagine not having it anymore in a country where there is a huge shortage right now. This is a great loss to our culture around the world.


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