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Who is Matilda Weasley of Hogwarts Legacy? Everything You Want to Know About the Character!

Avalanche Software’s Hogwarts Legacy tells a brand new tale set in the Harry Potter universe, which takes place in the 1890s in the Wizarding World. Despite this, Avalanche has been reintroducing familiar faces to Potter fans. One, in particular, has garnered a lot of attention. Since Professor Matilda Weasley plays such a pivotal role in the story, I’ve included all the background information you’ll need about her, including her family ties to the famous Weasleys.

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Who is Matilda Weasley?

When you hear “Weasley,” you usually think of red hair and had-me-downs. You wouldn’t be altogether wrong think that. Given that the events of the game took place in a time before Harry Potter and his pals were born, Professor Matilda Weasley would be a distant relative of Ronald’s. Professor Matilda Weasley serves as the school’s de facto Deputy Headmaster alongside Headmaster Pineus Nigellus Black, so she’ll be around for most of your exploits as you make your way through the school. It would be lovely to know that Weasley and Black were part of Hogwarts’ history even before Sirius and Ronald were born. Along with the school and its courses, it aids in connecting the game’s narrative to the rest of the franchise.

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The modern equivalent of Professor Matilda Weasley might be Professor Minerva McGonagall. They both serve as role models for the students, guiding them as they make significant discoveries during their time at Hogwarts, and they consistently seem to be on the students’ side. It turns out, though, that your Transfigurations professor is Professor Matilda Weasley. Despite her expertise in Transfiguration, she is also a skilled Curse-Breaker and has formerly worked for the Ministry of Magic. Professor Matilda Weasley is accompanied by a powerful house elf named Deek, and the two of them will show you the Chamber of Requirement, help you learn its mysteries, and instruct you on how to make it into the room you need throughout your time at Hogwarts.

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