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Who Is Logan From Reality Game Show “Claim to Fame” Related To?

Even if you didn’t notice, summer is the time when networks debut their hottest new reality shows. From The Challenge: the USA to Beachside Brawl, the competition is on, and this summer solstice, it’s especially fierce.

ABC’s Claim to Fame is the latest reality show to join the fun.

Kevin and Frankie Jonas, who are brothers, host the brand-new competition show. Each of the 12 contestants has a famous relative. Since the show’s first episode, people can’t stop trying to figure out who each contestant is, including Logan Crosby. Some people are having trouble finding Logan’s famous cousin, but we think we know who it is.

Who is Logan in ‘Claim to Fame?

In the first episode of Claim to Fame, viewers met Logan Crosby. He is in his 20s and is new to the music business. His first single, “If Jesus Was a Cowboy,” just came out.

The Country Note says that the song is about a time when Logan lost the “perfect girl.” The pain he felt made him think that Jesus would understand the cowboy way to heal, which is to put on your boots and spend every moment chasing her memory.

_Logan From Reality Game Show
_Logan From Reality Game Show

Logan is also well-known on TikTok, where he has more than 89,000 followers and 2.5 million likes. So, can we figure out which well-known person he’s related to? Let’s try it based on what we know.

Logan on ‘Claim to Fame’ — The Clues

On the first episode of the new season of Claim to Fame, each contestant gave hints about who their famous relative is.

When it was time for Logan to give more information, he said that his famous relative is his cousin, who is a musician and has won an Academy of Country Music award. OK, that’s not very clear.

Logan on ‘Claim to Fame’ — The Guesses

After the first episode of Claim to Fame, fans took to Twitter to guess which famous person the singer who looks like Tom Holland is related to. Country singer Luke Bryan was the most popular guess.

Someone wrote, “Logan reminds me of Luke Bryan,” and someone else said, “Logan is Luke Bryan’s nephew.”

On the other hand, several people think that Logan is related to Jason Aldean. It turns out that they are right! did

Before Episode 2, Twitter user @EmmaTolkin did some research and found that Logan talked about his singing career and “being cousins with Jason Aldean” on a February 2022 episode of the Jameson on the Rocks Podcast.

“Jason Aldean is my second cousin,” Logan said in an interview. He also said that his mother and Jason were “pretty close” when they were kids. Logan also said that the singer of “You Make It Easy” made him want to become a musician.

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