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Who Was Nick Kyrgios Yelling At During Wimbledon 2022 Final? All Explained

Nick Kyrgios and his angry rants go together like peanut butter and jelly. Kyrgios’s first-ever Grand Slam final was at Wimbledon in 2022. During the match, the 40th-ranked Australian yelled at the umpire to get rid of a “drunk” fan who he said was distracting him. (Read more about tennis)

Kyrgios won the first set against Novak Djokovic at the All England Club. Rafael Nadal had to pull out of the semifinals, which helped Kyrgios get into his first Wimbledon final. Kyrgios lost the second set before going crazy in the third.

Kyrgios yelled at the umpire about the spectator, “She’s getting in the way when I’m serving in the Wimbledon final!” “There’s nothing more important than this. You didn’t believe me at first, but then she did it again. It almost made me lose the game.

Kyrgios went so far as to say that the woman looks like she has had about 700 drinks. “What’s keeping her here? She’s too drunk to think straight and is talking to me during a game. What’s allowed?” The chair of the umpires told him, “Nothing is okay.”

“Okay, send her away. I know which one it is for sure. “The one in the dress who looks like she’s had about 700 drinks, bro,” said Kyrgios, whose previous best Grand Slam finish was the quarterfinals at the 2015 Australian Open.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Kyrgios called out. “Why? You said nothing, 40-love-down, the whole time.” Kyrgios’s girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi, was in the stands and could be seen trying to calm him down as he raged off the court.

He was seen shaking his head in despair as he walked toward a chair to take a break, and he also attacked a police officer.

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios

Kyrgios could be seen shaking his head as he walked to his seat during the break. When play resumed, he attacked his own team. Kyrgios has been in the news for the wrong reasons before, so this isn’t the first time. His angry outbursts during his third-round win over Stefanos Tsitsipas made the match very heated.

Nick Kyrgios was fined $10,000 because he spat at a fan during his first-round win, which was not a sporty move. Kyrgios lost the match 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (3), and Djokovic won his 21st Grand Slam title.

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