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Who is Jaime French? Biography, Professional Career, Net worth, Personal Life & All You Need To Know

Jaime French is an American comedian, YouTuber, and makeup artist who has become a well-known online personality. She is best known for her animated and comedic videos on YouTube, creating entertaining and relatable content. Jaime has created many different series and videos over the years, allowing her to develop an impressive fan base. Her ability to captivate viewers and engage them with funny stories has allowed her to establish herself as a successful online star. This article examines who Jamie French is and how she rose to fame.

About Jaime French 

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Jaime French, an American vlogger known for her comedic content, pop culture entries, and lifestyle and beauty vlogs posted on her own YouTube channel, is one of the new-age influencers.

Jaime French was born in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America, on June 20, 1989. The content she posts on her self-titled YouTube channel has brought her fame. At 27, she launched her self-titled YouTube channel on October 12, 2016. Since then, her channel has received over 40 million views.

Jaime French is 160 centimeters tall. Jaime French’s eyes and hair are blue and blonde. The facial expressions captured on various videos uploaded to her channel have garnered much admiration from her fans.

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Career And Professional Highlights

“Makeup & Movies” is Jaime French’s most recognizable series. Additionally, as of July 2022, ‘IF BEAUTY YOUTUBERS EXISTED IN 1999’ is one of her most-viewed videos on YouTube, with over two million views.

She is also well known for her videos and Instagram posts in which she participates in various trending challenges, including ‘TINY HANDS MAKEUP CHALLENGE! ”TINY FACE MAKEUP CHALLENGE! ‘, ‘The SECRET LANGUAGE Challenge! Feat. Nick (my husband)’, ‘Bad Lip Reading Makeup Challenge!’, and many others.

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How Much Is Jaime French Worth?

Jaime French is a popular YouTuber who uploads comedic videos and beauty and lifestyle vlogs. As of 2022, her net worth exceeds $1 million.

What Is Jaime French’s Annual Salary?

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Although her annual salary is unknown, it is known that Jaime French has built a successful career over the years. In addition to amassing a substantial net worth, she has amassed thousands of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube followers and subscribers.

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Social Media Presence Of The Rising Star

A vlogging personality whose self-titled YouTube channel has gained popularity. Her comedic and beauty vlogs, such as Get Ready with Me and her series “Makeup & Movies,” have garnered over 500,000 subscribers.

Her YouTube channel was launched in October 2016. “IF BEAUTY YOUTUBERS EXISTED IN 1999” is one of her most popular YouTube videos, with over 2 million views. She has over 300,000 followers on her self-titled Instagram account, where she frequently posts humorous content. Her favorite film from her childhood is The Breakfast Club.

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Jaime French Personal Life

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Jaime is the owner of a grey parrot named Ember. She and her husband Nick, whom she married in 2010, reside in Missouri. She has a sister named Jenna and two nephews named Austin and Sam. Jaime’s content consists of reviews of makeup “hacks,” fashion hauls, and synopsis-commentary of films featuring comedic green-screen insertions of herself into film scenes.

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Hobbies And Passions Of Jaime French

Jaime French is an artist with various interests and hobbies, including vlogging, joking around, and making people laugh. Aside from her career interests, she is enthusiastic about learning new things, traveling and exploring new places, internet surfing, and photography, to name a few hobbies.

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