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“The Masked Singer 2022 ” : Who Is HummingBird ?

Masked Singer fans think they’ve figured out who’s behind the hummingbird costume. The Fox Singing Competition returned to our screens for Season 8 on Wednesday, September 21, with Nick Cannon returning as host and Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke returning to the judging panel.

Ahead of the season premiere, it was confirmed that there will be a major format change for The Masked Singer Season 8. Whereas the previous season only revealed her one contender per week, this episode sees celebrities divided into groups to compete within the group for the crowning of King or Queen.

Each week, only the King or Queen advances to the next stage, revealing all other cast members of her for that week’s group. Harp, Hummingbird, Knight and Hedgehog each took the stage and performed in their respective costumes for the season premiere. At the end of the episode, two of the celebrity identities are revealed, with Hedgehog revealed to be Monty Python star Eric Idle and Knight to be Star Trek legend William Shatner. became clear.

Fans will need to wait until the September 28 episode of The Masked Singer for Hummingbird’s true identity to be revealed but it will be Harp who is progressing to the next stage of the competition.

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Who is Hummingbird on The Masked Singer US? Song picks

US Season 8 of The Masked Singer has officially started. This means fans have started using their investigative skills. One of her starring stars this year is the Hummingbird. While the guys behind the costumes did their best to stand out from the competition and wow viewers, it looks like Hummingbird’s stint on the show will be short-lived. Knight.

So who is the Hummingbird in The Masked Singer US Season 8?  In her only appearance on the show, Hummingbird chose to sing Gavin DeGraw’s hit “I Don’t Want to Be.” Many fans are familiar with it as the theme song of the popular youth drama “One Tree Hill”. While Hummingbird’s performance falls short of that of her original track, the energy they evoked on The Masked Singer is definitely admirable. please look.

When the Hummingbird Clue Pack was played, the first clue provided was standing on a soccer field and saying, “Competition is in my DNA.” Starting with the help, he explained, they “formed a patriotic team that felt like family.” Also in the clue montage were soccer shoes and two candy ring pops. Given the clues provided in Week 1, it’s no surprise that many of The Masked Singer’s fans have narrowed their speculation to his NFL universe.

From Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, to his retired NFL player Eli Manning, several viewers have identified Hummingbird as current or former. I mistook you for a football player. Nonetheless, there is a faction of The Masked Singer audience that Hummingbird believes he is NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick.

Who is Hummingbird in The Masked Singer US? Show clues


Here are the clues we have about Hummingbird on The Masked Singer so far:

  • X-Ray clue showed a flower, or “flower power”
  • Wearing a suit
  • two rings
  • “I’m excited for the kickoff of Season 8 because I promise you, this Hummingbird knows a thing or two about competition. It’s in my DNA,” the contestant teased in his clue package.
  • He got started with help from Shaq and a “patriotic team that felt like family,” adding, “Together, we dominated the Super Bowl.”
  • Other clues include: a speaker, a cleat, cowboy hats, a locker room, footballs, a scoreboard that says 71, a Ring Pop, and a football stadium.

Other guesses fans have for the Hummingbird include:

  • Adam Sandler
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Akon

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So, who is the Hummingbird on ‘The Masked Singer’? And The answer is…

While Hummingbird was eliminated in Episode 1, leaving Harp as the first Queen of The Masked Singer, his identity won’t be revealed until Episode 2 airing on Sept. 28.



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