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Who is Holly Sonders? Here is Everything You want To Know About Sonders!

Holly Sonders became famous as a sports media personality. She is one of the most famous and beautiful women in the world of golf. Sonders was a reporter, model, and TV host who was known as the sexiest woman in golf. She worked for Golf Channel and Fox Sports. Find more details about her through this article.

Who is Holly Sonders?

Holly Sonders is a beautiful diva who started her career with golf. She has shown her wild side in front of the microphone, and her pictures have taken social media by storm. Even though she has been in a lot of trouble, she has a huge following and many fans. Holly Niederkohr was born on March 3, 1987, in Marysville, Ohio, USA. Up until high school, Sonders played basketball and baseball on boys’ teams. Holly got her degree from Michigan State in 2009.

She was on the women’s golf team when she was in college. At the Women’s Western Amateur in 2007, Sonders made it to the round of 16. “I started playing golf tournaments when I was 6, and by the time I was in high school, I was tired of it,” she said in 2020. “I kept playing while I was in college.” Sonders told Golf Digest, “My mom, Sandy, has been club champion for 22 years.” “When I was 6, she got me going.” Holly hurt her knee while playing college golf, which was a bummer.

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How did she become famous?

Sonders got a job with the Golf Channel in 2011. She got herself on the cover of Golf Digest in May 2013. She left the Golf Channel for Fox in July 2014. In 2015, she appeared on the TV show “New Girl” as a guest star. Before that week’s U.S. Women’s Open, Sonders was given a new job by Fox in July 2015. “I think Holly has helped us a lot. Fox’s coordinating producer, Mark Loomis, told USA Today that she couldn’t do both the postgame show and the interviews. Fox Sports said in October 2018 that Sonders would no longer be part of its golf coverage.

Sonders said, “The golf at Fox just wasn’t what we thought it would be.” She also said, “We hoped to get more PGA Tour rights, but it didn’t work out.” Holly started helping the network cover the NFL later on. In October 2019, she left FOX Sports. “I just wanted to live my life after doing it for ten years with the same group of golfers,” she said. In May 2020, Sonders released an app called TEAM-UP Fitness. It has a unique feature called the “Marketplace,” where a Fitness Pro can offer LIVE Experiences. Holly said in December 2020 that she was going to start a website called, which was her own version of OnlyFans.

Is She in a Relationship right now?

After a failed marriage to Erik Kulias and a failed relationship with Kliff Kingsburry, Sonders finally found love with legendary boxer Oscar De La Hoya. In August 2021, when they went out in public at Nobu in Malibu and were seen by TMZ, they made it official. But there has been no confirmation from their side.

In June, the two people met at a boxing event. There, Sonders was the host and Oscar De La Hoya, who is known as a six-weight class world boxing champion, was the guest. The event was over in two and a half months, but since then, the two have been strong. Sonder’s engagement with sports betting consultant David Oancea also ended because of their relationship. Right now, though, it looks like Holly is single and not seeing anyone. She is giving herself time to think about herself.

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