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Who Is Dr. James Colthurst? The close friend of Diana as shown in The Crown series!

Princess Diana was 17 years old when she went skiing with James Colthurst. They became lifelong friends, and he was a crucial part of Andrew Morton’s book Diana: Her True Story.

He brought Morton’s questions to the princess and brought the tapes she recorded for Morton to him. In season five of The Crown, Dr. James Colthurst shows up, so it makes sense that viewers may want to know more about Diana’s doctor friend.

Here are some other facts about him:

Princess Diana was close with Dr. Colthurst

When Diana hurt her ankle in Val Claret, France, they met. They stayed close for years. “She knew some of the people I was traveling with, and when she hurt her ankle, they brought her back to our apartment, so I could look at it since I was a medical student at the time.

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Diana was funny, bright, and full of mischief, so it was hard not to get along with her immediately. This was the start of our friendship, which lasted the rest of her short, eventful life. “On what would have been her 60th birthday, he wrote to her.

During her time as a queen, “One of the hardest things about being her friend was probably trying to get her to cut down on the number of things she had to do and help her through the many rough spots that she found almost too much to handle.

But she was so happy to feel like she could help that she took on a vast number of patronages, all of which took a lot of time and work.

She was interested in so many different things that it made up for what seemed like an unhappy life at Kensington Palace: she met happy, smiling people every day. “He gave.

In 1986, he met Andrew Morton for the first time.

Morton met James when Princess Diana went to the hospital where he worked, and they became friends. Soon, they started playing squash against each other in North London.

Morton finally told Colthurst about his plan to write a book from Princess Diana’s point of view. Diana soon gave Colthurst the job of giving Morton her taped answers.

“I rode in on my bike with a briefcase in the basket. And you know, at first, I sat down and read out the questions, but Diana said that was too slow, “he said.

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“She took the questions away from me, put the microphone on herself, turned on the tape recorder, and left.” In Diana: Her True Story by Morton, Colthurst is thanked in the list of people who helped write the book.

Morton later wrote, “She was very excited to get her story out there, and she knew exactly what she was doing.” “I’ll never forget the first time I heard a tape. It was in a cafe for working people.

Everyone else was eating bacon and eggs and talking, so I put on these headphones, turned on the tape recorder, and listened to Diana talk about bulimia nervosa, which I had never heard of, her attempts to kill herself, and a woman named Camilla Parker Bowles.

It was like entering a different world. When I left that café, I thought, “Wow, what the heck did I just hear?””

Colthurst was firm in his belief that Diana was telling the truth.

“It was the most fantastic display of pain, rage, frustration, and anger that you had ever seen. It was fascinating, “the doctor talked about.

They stayed friends right up until Diana died. “I can still remember the last time I talked to her, not long before she died. She almost couldn’t stop laughing on the other end of the phone.

Someone gave her a poem on a silver tablet, which made her laugh out loud at their strange taste. “He gave. “What I remember most about her is her almost contagious laugh and how much she wanted to help others.

She had high expectations for her sons, who both took after her easy way with people. Both are kind and sensitive like her. But they are also brave and challenging, and they share their mother’s desire to do good in the world through their roles.”

Years later, he was in documentaries about the British royal family, such as Diana on ITV, The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess, and The Windsors: A Royal Dynasty. Oliver Chris plays Dr. James Colthurst in season five of The Crown, even though he did not work on the Netflix show.

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He is a member of the Anglo-Irish upper class

James Colthurst is the son of Sir Richard la Trouche Colthurst, the ninth Baronet Colthurst, and Janet Colthurst, formerly Wilson-Wright. He is the second child of four.

The Colthurst Baronetcy is a rank in the British aristocracy. It is a title in the Baronetage of Ireland. Blarney Castle House is where the Colthurst family lives. It is in Blarney, Ireland, near Cork. Blarney Castle is where the famous Blarney Stone is kept.

Sir Charles Colthurst, who was his older brother, got to Blarney Castle when he died.

He is a physician

Before he went to medical school at St. Thomas’s Hospital Medical School, Colthurst went to the prestigious Eton College. In 1982, he got his Bachelor of Surgery degree.

In 1985, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh made him a Fellow. After school, he worked at St. Thomas’s Hospital. He got an MBA from Brunel University in 1992.

He married Dominique Coles in 1990, and they have two daughters together: Leah (born in 1994) and Cicely (b. 1997). Berkshire is where they live.

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