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Who Has The Biggest IQ In The World?

Among scientists, the topic of the level of intelligence is trendy in our time, which is why its study takes a lot of time and effort since all research is related to experiments on our brain. So many conclusions have been made that it became possible to indicate the average result that most people have and determine the highest threshold for this concept.

Of course, many ordinary people are also interested in this topic and want to know more about it or have the highest coefficient. Who has the highest IQ in the world? Today we will try to answer this question.

The Basis Of The Concept

IQ, or intelligence quotient, measures your ability to think and solve problems. It is calculated based on a specific test for your age group. Of course, the test cannot indicate your success since someone with a high IQ may not succeed in life, and someone with an average, on the contrary.

Therefore, many disputes and disagreements around this topic have not been resolved for a very long time.

Do I need to measure the level of intelligence at all, or how do external factors affect it?

How is IQ related to race, gender, and nationality? It is believed that these aspects can affect the intelligence quotient, and therefore various tests and checks have been invented that people take for any results. Thanks to this, an unofficial list of the highest IQ in the world was created.

Highest IQ list

You may be surprised that Einstein did not have the most extraordinary intelligence. No one argues that he was a genius, but this does not put him in the first place among all. A score above 100 is considered a reasonable level, considering people whose score is above average.

Johann Goethe

Johann Goethe was a German polymath with an IQ of 210 to 225 who lived in the 1800s. His discoveries, such as the foundation of the science of human chemistry and the development of the early theory of evolution, gave impetus to the development of mankind. Also, the poetic drama “Faust” made him significant in literature since this work is still read.

Leonardo Da Vinci

A famous artist and a person with intelligence of 180 to 220. He discovered many technological innovations, such as flying machines and armored and calculating machines. He is one of the most famous geniuses, as his work was not accepted in his time, and the society of the 21st century uses such devices on an ongoing basis.

Nikola Tesla

You can associate this surname with the famous Tesla cars of our time. Born in 1856, Nikola was considered the most intelligent person on earth. His IQ from 160 to 310 allowed him to make discoveries such as the Tesla coil and AC machine.

Terence Tao

Who has the highest IQ in the world? In recent days, Terence Tao has had an IQ of 211 to 230. He is a mathematical prodigy and teaches at the University of California. He became known for his contributions to number theory and harmonic analysis.

It cannot be said that one of these representatives is better or takes first place in some ratings. Each proved himself in different areas, made other discoveries, or introduced concepts. They are united by the fact that they had a high IQ, but this also does not mean that there were no people with an average IQ among scientists, artists, or researchers.

How To Know Your Result?

Many people wonder what level they have and how best to check it. The most popular way is to take a test. Such a test consists of multiple questions involving all brain areas.

These tests are scored in one of two ways. The first method divides8 a person’s mental age by chronological age and then multiplies it by 100. The second method compares your scores with those of other people in the same age group.

Such a test should be taken in specialized institutions where you will be given all the conditions for an actual result, but you can also take it at home on your own.

In The End

Don’t worry if you have an average IQ, as it doesn’t guarantee some ups and downs. Just as a high IQ cannot open everything possible to you, an average IQ cannot close this. You can be better in any other area and have the best qualities that will allow you to stand on par with geniuses and bannermen.

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