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Who Dies In Season 2 Of Netflix Series Alice In Borderland?

Alice in Borderland is a thrilling and suspenseful series that has captivated audiences since its release in 2020. The show’s exciting plot leaves viewers wondering who dies throughout the story. This article will answer the question of “Who dies in Alice in Borderland?” by examining each character’s fate and exploring how their deaths shape the events that occur later on.

About Alice in Borderland

who dies in alice in borderland

Alice In Borderland is a series that follows players brought to a parallel version of Tokyo called the Borderlands, where they must play a series of life-or-death games to determine whether they will live or die. 

Based on the manga of the same name by Haro Aso, the first season of Alice In Borderland was frightening and powerful. Following the relocation of a group of reluctant adolescent players to an alternate dimension, the protagonists must battle for survival in a series of games.

The second season begins as the players meet to prepare for the next level of the game. People are shot and blasted to pieces within the first five minutes of the pilot episode, creating the unpredictability and looming presence of death that the first season did so brilliantly to make. They are immediately exposed to the first game, The King of Spades.

Who Dies In Season 2 Of Alice In Borderland?

 alice in borderland

In eight terrible episodes, various characters perish in different gruesome ways. The series is well-known for its depiction of violence, as the games the characters play are complex. Surprisingly, most of the principal characters survive.

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The following is a complete list of all characters who die:

  • Tatta – fails to survive after trying to remove his bracelet
  • Kaito – a side character who meets an unfortunate end
  • Enji – a villain who dies in The Jack Of Hearts game
  • Kyuma, Shitara, Kanzaki, Kisaragi, Maki – dies in The King Of Clubs, losing the Osmosis game
  • Lisa – an antagonist who breaks into The Queen Of Spades game
  • Kuzuryu – a villain who dies in The King Of Diamonds game
  • Shirabi – another antagonist who dies in The King Of Spades game
  • Mira – the final game master who breaks in The Queen Of Hearts game

Tatta’s death in Season 2 of Alice in Borderland is arguably the most tragic. During the first game of the season, the former mechanic sacrifices his life to save the lives of his comrades. He finds that Arisu, Usagi, Kuina, and Aguni had won the game before succumbing to severe blood loss after repeatedly bashing his arm into the door of a cargo container to remove a mechanical bracelet attached to his wrist. The King of Clubs, Kyuma, and his team are all slaughtered due to losing this game.


However, some of the deaths we witness are rather more fulfilling. Watching Shrabi, The King of Spades, and Mira, The Queen of Hearts, receive their just desserts, for instance, will likely provoke cheers and whoops from many viewers at home. Others, such as Luxury, and The King of Diamonds, have a more tangled past, and as a result, their deaths may sting a bit more than you would think.

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What Happened to the Victims of Alice in Borderland?

After season 2 of Alice In Borderland, we learned what happened to the characters sent to the Borderlands. It was believed that the Borderlands was a location between life and death where persons on the approach of death were sent. The objective of their Borderlands gameplay was to evaluate whether or not they could continue living in the real world.

 alice in borderland

In this way, the gamers sent to the Borderlands and killed there perished authentically. This is because dying in the Borderlands enabled them to accept death. Upon the conclusion of the Borderlands games, Arisu and the others who had survived them were granted a second chance at life in the real world.

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Unbelievable! What Fans Think of Season 2 Now

With the release of Alice in Borderland Season 2, fans are reacting to the series finale with both shock and awe. As one of Netflix’s most popular anime series, Alice in Borderland follows Ryōhei Arisu (Kento Yamazaki), who finds himself stuck in a world of games where he must risk his life to succeed. The suspenseful drama has left viewers on edge as they never know who will survive or be eliminated from each mission.

The season 2 finale brings an unexpected conclusion with numerous casualties throughout the episode. Fans were surprised by the death toll accumulated as Ryōhei and his friends strived to win their final game, resulting in a climactic battle that left many viewers heartbroken over their favorite characters’ demise.

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