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Who Did Prince William on Kate Middleton Cheat with? Let’s Explore the Truth!

On the day before Prince William turns 40, royal sources talk about his marriage to Kate Middleton and how much they depend on each other. Their relationship is always in the news, but Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, and William’s rumored relationship has gotten a lot of attention.

Insiders are laughing at the Daily Mail’s claims that the Duke of Cambridge cheated on his wife. They are telling everyone that the Duke of Cambridge does nothing but “protect his wife.” “The way he sees it, she is just as important to the institution as he is,” the source said. He really likes how she has just stuck to her guns and won’t give up.

” They say that the couple is “tight, just can’t stay apart,” and that they are pretty normal (despite being in line to the throne). “They do everything together. Every day, they eat lunch together and every night, they watch TV together,” the source said. “Of course, they hang out with their own friends, but they spend a lot of time together and live a very normal married life.”

That doesn’t mean the couple hasn’t been through some tough times, though. In 2019, the rumours reached a fever pitch when Giles Coren wrote in a now-deleted tweet: “yes. It’s a relationship. Even though I haven’t read the piece, I know what happened.

“Darling, everyone knows about the affair.” A lot of people who follow the royal family think the story died around the same time that bad news about Meghan Markle got worse, but sources close to William say he never had an affair with Hanbury. They said, “It’s just b******s.” “As a couple, they could not be any happier. You can’t fit a cigarette paper between them.”

Whatever trouble they may or may not have had a few years ago seems to be in the past because they are still showing a united front. No one in the monarchy has had an easy few years, with feuds, deaths, pandemics, and scandals becoming the norm. Still, Kate and William are making changes to the palace to make it more modern so that people will remember how important their jobs are. They are doing this together.

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