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Which Actor’s real name is Walter

That one trivia question about which actor’s real first name is Walter. It has been answered first on our site so that you may improve your knowledge without any hassle, and you can come to us for the solutions to all the quizzes, trivia, and riddles you are interested in.

In answer to your query, Bruce Willis

On March 19, 1955, while his father was serving in the United States Military in West Germany, Bruce Willis was born as Walter Bruce Willis. His breakthrough role as detective David Addison on the 1980s smashes program Moonlighting catapulted him to fame. With the success of the action film Die Hard in 1988, he was catapulted to movie stardom.


The success of subsequent films like Armageddon and The Sixth Sense, as well as his marriage to Demi Moore, ensured that Willis would continue to be one of the most recognizable actors of his time. Bruce landed the role of David Addison Jr. in Moonlighting in 1985 after an audition. Bruce drew on his background as a private investigator for the five seasons he starred in the show opposite Cybill Shepherd (from 1985 to 1989).

Willis’s performance on the show made him a household name around the world and garnered him the Emmy and Golden Globe for Outstanding Lead in a Drama Series. Because of his widespread appeal, Seagram decided to contract Willis to star in a series of commercials for their Golden Wine Cooler.

bruce willis

Willis received $7 million spread out over the course of two years. After adjusting for inflation, that sum is equivalent to around $17 million now. The relationship between Willis and Seagrams terminated in 1988 after he had stopped drinking. Willis wed Demi Moore in 1987.

When they finally split up in 2000, they had three daughters: Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Belle. Bruce and Demi’s divorce resulted in Willis writing a check for $90 million. In 2009, he tied the knot with model Emma Heming. Together, he and Heming have raised two kids.

Bruce and Demi’s friendship has remained cordial throughout the years. They both went to each other’s weddings; he to Heming and she to Ashton Kutcher. Willis is also talented in the musical realm; he has released three rock albums, all of which have received high marks from critics.

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