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What Was Robert Cormier’s Net Worth In 2022 At The Time Of His Death

The Canadian actor Robert Cormier gained attention for playing Kit Jennings in the 2019 Netflix Original Series “Slasher Solstice” and for his supporting parts in “Firecracker.” His other credits include playing Finn Cotter, the grandson of Duncan Fraser’s Al Cotter, in the long-running CBC television series  “Heartland,” and “American Gods” (2021). Sadly, he passed away on September 23, 2022, at the age of 33. His credentials also include guest spots on the canceled CBS/Global series “Ransom” and ABC’s “Designated CTV’s Survivor.” 

Robert Cormier’s Net Worth 

Actor Robert Cormier was well-known, and as of 2022, his estimated net worth was $2 million. He made much of his money in the entertainment business, and he was leading a luxurious life when he passed away. He was earning tens of thousands of dollars before his death. Details about his mansion and other properties have not yet been made public. 

Robert Cormier’s Bio

Full NameRobert Cormier
ProfessionFilm Actor
Sources of IncomeProfession
ResidenceToronto, Ontario, Canada
Date of Birth14 June 1989 
Age33 Years Old
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NameMonika Kuligowska
Wealth TypeSelf-Made

Robert Cormier’s Family

Robert Cormier’s mother, Lisa Cormier, is a lab technician, and Robert Cormier’s father is a small business owner named Robert (Rob) Cormier. Krystal Cormier, Brittany Cormier, and Stephanie Cormier are Robert Cormier’s three surviving sisters.

Acting Career

Robert made his film debut in Four One Liberation Front as the FBI Driver. He then starred in We Run These Streets in 2014, In the Weeds in 2015, Santa Gets a Job in 2015, Guess Who’s Muslim in 2016, The Duel: 48 Hr in 2016, The Threesome: 72 Hour in 2016, The Civil War: Brothers Divided (TV Series) in 2016, The Duel: 48 Hr in 2017, and The Duel: 96 Hour in 2018. 

In 2017, turn off the fluorescent lights; in 2018, turn on the HEI$T day and night. He played Kit Jennings in the “Slasher Solstice” Netflix Original Series.

Additionally, he played the supporting part of Shane in “Firecracker,” which had its world premiere at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, as well as “Al in The Intersection” (2019) and “Otto in Pyrenees” (2018). 

Additionally, he made guest appearances in “Designated Survivor” and “Ransom” (both 2019). (2016). He made an appearance as Winston in “American Gods” in 2021. (TV Series). 

Who Is Robert Cormier’s Wife?

Married man Robert Cormier had children. He got married to his lovely bride, Monika Kuligowska, who has the last name of Kuligowska. A daughter was also bestowed upon the couple. Prior to Robert’s passing, the family was content with their lives. He wasn’t gay and had a straight sexual orientation. 

Robert Cormier’s Cause of Death 

No cause of death is mentioned in Cormier’s eulogy, but according to Robert Cormier’s sister, Stephanie Cormier, he passed away at a hospital in Etobicoke after suffering wounds from a fall and had no prior diseases that contributed to his passing. The official cause of death is unknown. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who was the first Robert Cormier? 

Robert Cormier is a well-known Canadian actor who shot to fame playing Kit Jennings in the Netflix series Slasher Solstice (2019). 

  • How old was Robert Cormier? 

Robert Cormier was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on June 14, 1989. He passed away when he was 33 years old. 

  • How did Robert Cormier pass away? 

Ans. Robert Cormier passed away in an Etobicoke hospital after suffering injuries from a fall, according to his sister, Stephanie Cormier. There is no mention of a cause of death in Cormier’s eulogy. 

  • What was Robert Cormier’s nationality? 

Ans) Cormier belongs to the Canadian nationality. 

  • Who was Robert Cormier’s spouse? 

Ans: Monika Kuligowska is Robert Cormier’s wife, and he was previously married

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