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Rich Piana’s Cause Of Death: What Ended The Life Of Bodybuilding Icon?

Rich Piana, a famous bodybuilder and athlete passed away on August 25, 2017, at 46. His fans worldwide were shocked by the news and began to wonder what caused his death. This article will examine the cause of Rich Piana’s death and discuss the medical condition that ultimately took his life.

Who Is Rich Piana?

rich piana

Richard Eugene Piana was an American bodybuilder, businessman, and YouTuber. He died on August 25, 2017. He won the National Physique Committee (NPC) Mr. Teen California competition in 1989, the NPC Mr. California competition in 1998, and the National Physique Committee (NPC) contests in 2003 and 2009. 

Piana was well-known in the weightlifting community for his bodybuilding accomplishments, candor on steroid use in bodybuilding and its accompanying repercussions, and outgoing demeanor. He maintained a popular YouTube channel that featured motivational speeches, personal life tales, training montages, special guest appearances, and daily musings. In his videos, he frequently discussed the mentality and motivation of “the 5%,” which he defined as the proportion of individuals willing to do everything it takes to achieve their goals.

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What Was Rich Piana’s Cause Of Death?

Rich Piana, the controversial bodybuilder and fitness entrepreneur, passed away at 46 on August 25, 2017. A statement released by his family confirmed that Piana had suffered a medical emergency two weeks before his death. After going into a coma for several days, he never regained consciousness. 

Although Rich’s autopsy proved inconclusive, several factors are considered to have contributed to his untimely demise. He fell while receiving a haircut from his girlfriend, who administered CPR until rescuers came. There were rumors of a probable drug overdose after a white substance and a credit card were discovered nearby, as well as his girlfriend’s assertion that Rich had fought with opiate addiction.

Rich was placed in a coma to prevent his brain from expanding, but he passed away two weeks later. According to the postmortem results, his heart and liver were double their usual size, which is a side consequence of long-term steroid use. However, there was never a recorded official cause of death.

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“Steroid Abuse Takes Heavy Toll on Rich Piana”

The athlete had a 27-year history of confessed steroid use and once stated that juicing was required to become a professional bodybuilder.

rich piana

Rich admitted to using anabolic steroids for almost twenty years in one of his YouTube videos. In another, he claimed that his testicles had shrunk due to his use. While explaining how to “correctly” use anabolic steroids for bodybuilding, he was always honest about the impact the medication had on him, even after he began his profession in bodybuilding.

Rich explained in an April 2016 YouTube video: 

“If you have the choice to stay natural or do steroids, stay natural. There’s no reason to do steroids; you’re only hurting your body; you’re hurting yourself. If you want to become a professional bodybuilder, guess what – you’ll probably have to f——’ do them. You’re not going to have a choice. 

At the time of his breakdown, according to a police report acquired by TMZ Sports, twenty bottles of testosterone were discovered at his residence.

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Final Words

Rich Piana was a beloved bodybuilding icon, advocate, and entrepreneur. His death is an unfortunate and tragic loss of life that affected the bodybuilding community. The cause of Rich Piana’s death was ruled as an accidental drug-related overdose, which he had been struggling with for years before his passing. While this is sad news, it is essential to recognize Rich Piana’s impact on the bodybuilding community through his enthusiasm and dedication to the sport.

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