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What to Expect During Windows and Doors Mississauga Replacement

Now that you have placed the final order for replacement windows and doors Mississauga, you are probably curious as to what happens next. Ordering the right style and fit replacement windows and doors is only the first step, albeit an important one.

Continue reading for insight as to what happens during the installation process for replacement windows and doors Mississauga. This includes everything from how to prepare your home as well as what to do once the installation is complete.

How to Prepare for Delivery of Windows and Doors Mississauga

Those who are having other renovations done on their home will typically order a dumpster. This can be arranged with your contractor. However, you need to make sure that the rented dumpster is not blocking your driveway, garage or any other areas to which you or any workers will need access.

Depending on the Mississauga windows replacement company, they will either deliver the new doors and windows a few days prior to the scheduled installation, or they will bring them on the actual installation date.

Should your windows and doors Mississauga arrive prior to the date of installation, you will need to store them safely. Ideally, the best place is a garage in which they can be secured. If not, find another area such as an outdoor shed, basement or other room in your home where they will be left undisturbed. You can always ask the salesperson approximately how much room the delivery will require so that you have time to prepare for safe storage somewhere on your property. It is never a good idea to leave them outside where they will be exposed to the elements or possibly stolen.

If you do not have the space to store your replacement windows and doors in advance, you should be able to arrange to have the installers deliver them at the predetermined installation date.

Take Steps to Protect Your Property

Even though the windows and doors installation crew will take extra care so as not to harm your property or belongings, anything can happen. It is recommended to remove any breakable or fragile items for safe-keeping. As well, you should let the team know of any areas in which they need to be particularly cautious. For the most part, they will provide their own plastic and drop cloths to protect your floors and other belongings.

Be sure to remove any blinds, shades, and other window treatments before window installation. As well, remove any decor or anything else from your existent doors as if you don’t remove these times, the installation team will assume that you want them to be discarded.

The team will need plenty of space in order to complete the window and door replamcent. Take steps to make sure that your children and pets are safe and out of the way. As well, you should move any furniture that is located directly in front of, or in close proximity to, the windows and doors in question. Keep in mind that not only will they have to bring in the windows and doors to be installed, but they will have ladders and other equipment. Ensure that the area is safe for everyone.

What to Expect the Day of Window and Door Installation

The time in which it takes to install your windows and doors Mississauga depends on the project. If you are only replacing one or two windows and doors, it should only take a few hours. However, if you are having numerous windows and doors installed, it can take several days. As well, the size of the doors and windows will factor into the installation time.

Carefully Inspect the Final Installation Before the Crew Leaves

Once the installation crew has declared that the job is fully complete, you will need to carefully inspect each and every door and window. Take some time to look for gaps in the silent as well as dents or scratches on every component of the windows and doors. Make sure they are able to open and close properly and safely. Do not let the crew leave your property until you are completely satisfied with your window and door installation.

Have more questions about replacement windows and doors Mississauga or the installation process? Do not hesitate to call the experts at Thwindowsdoors.Com. We can answer all of your questions, as well as help you choose the right fit for replacement doors and windows. Call us today for a free quote.


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