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What Happened With Monique And Oprah? Why Are They Feuding?

It’s hard to believe there was a time when comedian-turned-Oscar-winning actress Monique and Oprah Winfrey, a mogul who honestly needs no introduction, were once friends. Thanks to , they always seemed to remain best friends. But somewhere along the way, Monique and Winfrey “bumped into each other.” 

Why are Mo’nique and Oprah Winfrey feuding?

In 2009, shortly after Monique won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the movie Precious — Winfrey executive produced and Monique thanked her in her Oscar speech — Winfrey called Monique and said she wanted to  have a special invitation for my brother Gerald to come to the show.

According to Monique, Winfrey called her and said, ‘Gerald, your brother has been harassing you. He wants to know if he can come to the show. I need to call you and get your approval before agreeing to

But Winfrey didn’t stop there

In the same video, Monique reveals that she and Winfrey had a deep conversation about not only what her brother’s abuse had done to her psyche, but how it had deeply damaged her relationship with her mother.

According to Monique, Winfrey had both her mother and father appear on the same show as her older brother Gerald, keeping Monique on edge. At the time, she didn’t directly communicate her feelings to Winfrey, and she said she regrets not doing so to this day.

Things came to a head in 2013

Monique and Winfrey didn’t see or talk to each other until they attended Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar party in 2013. Monique saw Winfrey and confronted her about her betrayal years ago. rice field.

Winfrey reportedly apologized for doing something to “insult” Monique, but afterward the two women were never the same. Monique later told Steve Harvey, After this confrontation, Winfrey said he “blacklisted” Monique from the Hollywood industry.

Winfrey called Mo’nique “negative” in 2018

While promoting her appearance on A Wrinkle In Time, Winfrey took the time to respond to the various “shots” of Monique that have been fired over the years.

Winfrey said Monique is a very “negative” person and doesn’t want to react to negativity any more negatively. Additionally, Winfrey said she didn’t feel like she offended Monique, but if she did, she regrets what she did.

Mo’nique gave the latest salvo in 2020

Just some days ago, Mo`Nique took to her Instagram to blast Winfrey, but again, for her skewering of Michael Jackson and her seeming protection of Harvey Weinstein, whilst additionally mentioning their long-status feud again.”

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