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What Happened To Edot Baby? Age And Real Name Explored As Popular Drill Rapper Passes Away

Edot Baby, a rapper from the Harlem drill scene, was confirmed to have died today at the age of 17. His death was the subject of many rumors, although there are currently no confirmed details to back these accusations.

First to hint at the news was Edot Baby’s friend and fellow New York rapper DD Osama, who posted a picture of the two on Instagram with the song “Soul Cry” playing in the background. He updated his Instagram bio to read “LongLiveKingDot” after publishing a few more posts.
Later, several of his friends and his management confirmed the information, and they all posted messages of sadness in response.

Harlem Drill Rapper Edot Baby Passes Away At 17

Although he kept his family and personal matters private, many of his loved ones have publicly shown their affection for him; several Instagram users shared.

Who Is Edot Baby?

Edward Johnson is the rapper’s real name at birth. On March 18, 2022, he issued his debut studio album. His song “Ride Tho O” currently has over 3 million Spotify plays. More than half of his more than 170,000 Instagram followers interact with his page.

In addition to sharing updates on performances, Edot also posted lifestyle vlogs, song samples, music videos, and collaborations with other rappers.

Despite the sad news of Edward Johnson’s dying being confirmed, the cause has not yet been made public. According to the majority of reports, the 17-year-old artist shot himself to death. The rapper died as a result of a head injury he gave himself.

A rapper from Harlem was taken urgently to the hospital, but it was in vain. During this time, some outlets even claimed that the rapper had overdosed and died as a result. However, Edot Baby’s family members have not yet spoken publicly about the terrible situation.

Netizen’s Mourn Edot’s Death

Unfortunately, Edot Baby’s untimely passing is the second occurrence this week; the first being Takeoff, a member of the Migos, who passed away suddenly. The rapper, 28, was shot and killed on Tuesday, November 1 during a private event.

According to TMZ, Takeoff got into a fight with his uncle and fellow Migos member Quavo (Quavious Marshall) when they were playing dice. After that, there was a shooting, in which Takeoff, alias Kirshnik Khari Ball, was shot and killed but the other Migos member was unhurt.

Despite being rushed to the hospital, the rapper was later declared dead. Online users also saw a video of Quavo crouching next to what appeared to be Takeoff’s lifeless body. In the leaked footage, Quavious Marshall can be seen pleading for assistance.

Edot Baby Networth

In 2022, Edot Baby will be valued $162,311 million, according to research we gathered from a few reputable websites. The outcome we offered is predicated on 2022. The predicted sum includes his compensation from his work based on his previous profession and a few other skills. His net worth may change over time; if we see a decrease or gain in the projected values, we’ll update this page immediately. We also think Edot Baby may have picked assets that would have doubled his returns and increased his net worth.

Who Is Edot Baby – FAQ

1. What is Edot real name?

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2. How old is SugarHill Ddot?

SugarHill Ddot was born on March 3, 2008, but he already spits bars like a seasoned veteran at just 13 years old. People are astonished that a little child can give such sensational performances.

3. What’s Dougie B real name?

The real name of the rapper Dougie B is Douglas Kieshawn Sheref.

4. How old is Kyle Richh?

Kyle Henry Richardson known as Kyle richh is a 19 year old new york drill…

5. How old is Kayflock?

Kayflock is 19 years old.

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