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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In British Columbia?

Are you considering moving to British Columbia? Before you make the move, it’s important to know the pros and cons of living in this beautiful province. In this blog post from BC Vancouver, discusses some of the benefits and drawbacks of living in BC.

We hope that this jam-packed post with information will help you make an informed decision (or a sporadic wild one!) about whether or not to relocate to this unbelievably beautiful region!

If you want to relocate to Canada, British Columbia (BC) is a popular choice. People of all cultures call British Columbia home, resulting in a varied and lively community that welcomes students, visitors, and new British Columbians from across the world.

It has pros and cons so, if you want to live in British Columbia, you should know what to expect.

An Introduction To British Columbia

British Columbia – where Canada begins. British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada and is quite an awesome place to live.

It is situated just between the mountain range and the pacific ocean. People living in British Columbia are from all around the world from different religions and ethnicities. Immigrants make up as much as 30% of the total population making it a very welcoming place.

People here speak French as well as English but English is more common among the locals.

Pros Of Living In British Columbia

British Columbia is quite exciting to live in. The living standard is quite high, you will get a complete urban experience here. Along with a high living standard, the quality of education is quite good.

This makes it among the best places to live in Canada, especially in Vancouver, where it has been voted one of the friendliest places in Canada according to

Low Crime Rate in BC

Having a low crime rate in British Columbia has its advantages. It has been ranked (and we can walk at night at 4 am anywhere) one of the safest places to live (or heck even just come tourist around) in the world. has a good article on safety in Vancouver, the largest city in BC.

Great sports and outdoor activities

Whether you want to ski, mountain bike, ice climb (or outdoor dance wild Salsa Latino dance outside Science World till you grow a mustache), British Columbia is the place to be. You’ll find great sports and outdoor activities year-round (or you can also hibernate with a cozy fireplace), as well as plenty of opportunities to explore the province’s incredible natural beauty.

During winter, British Columbia becomes the premier snow sport destination. If you’re a skier, you’ll find world-class ski resorts (and world-class Beaver Tails in Whistler!) in the mountains. In addition to skiing, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy other outdoor activities, such as snowmobiling and whitewater kayaking.

The British Columbia climate is split into two main climate zones. The coastal region is warm and sunny, while the not-so-enticing part, the interior is cold and rainy. In winter, the temperatures can drop to -20degC (although that is usually once in a blue moon). In summer, you’ll find higher temperatures in the coastal region, with average temperatures in the interior averaging 45degF.

Amazing Health Care

Another thing to brag about British Columbia is its healthcare system. The healthcare system here is very efficient and of very high standards. You will receive high-quality medical treatment when you join its medical services plan. If you look at the wages and career opportunities, British Columbia offers highly competitive wages in all fields.

Employees are also provided with additional packages and benefits as well including medical and dental coverage. These all pros are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot to brag about in British Columbia.

Cons Of Living In British Columbia

The cost of living is high

Although not all provinces have a high cost of living, it is important to consider when looking for a new place to live. British Columbia is regarded as one of the most costly provinces in Canada. This is primarily due to the high cost of living in Vancouver. For example, Vancouver permanent makeup at usually costs about $500-$1500 per application. That is much higher than most other cities.

You better enjoy outdoor activities

If you don’t enjoy outdoor activities and don’t reside in a large city like Vancouver, you may be in for a problem. Activities are scarce such as excellent museums, theaters, and top-tier gourmet. Unless you reside in one of the province’s larger cities, there are not many attractions that don’t include the great outdoors.

Throughout the year, British Columbia receives a lot of rain. This is aggravating for some. Others are completely unconcerned. If you dislike being wet or enjoying the sun, British Columbia might not be for you.

Locals are not as friendly as other Canadians

Compared to Canadians in the east, the locals in British Columbia are not as friendly. It’s not surprising, since the province is renowned for its rugged pioneer spirit. On the other hand, the province is also known for its high-tech and innovative industries. This bodes well for Canadians.

However, while there are many Canadians who take pride in their country’s unique history, the majority of them would rather live in a different country. In fact, there is a significant population of Canadians who feel as though they are being left out of the loop. So much so, that the locals are the last of the Canadians to make it into the top tier of the country’s workforce. The best way to combat this is to ensure that British Columbia residents are fully vested in the provincial government and have a voice in how their province is run.

Pros of Living in Vancouver

Located on the West Coast of Canada, Vancouver is one of the best places to live. It’s known for its natural sites, scenic backdrops, and vibrant cultural scene. It also has a great work-life balance.

Vancouver is also home to many great neighborhoods and restaurants. The city is also known for its innovation and innovative programs. It’s also one of the largest industrial hubs in the country.

Vancouver is also home to many parks and other outdoor recreational facilities. It also has a great public transit system. The SkyTrain is one of the most beautiful ways to get around.

It’s also home to the North Shore Mountain Range. Obviously, the most obvious benefit is a natural beauty. You’re bound to see mountains on every turn.

Cons of Living in Vancouver

Whether you’re a local or considering a move, there are plenty of pros and cons to consider. The best way to decide is to weigh the pros and cons and then decide for yourself.

There are many advantages to living in Vancouver, British Columbia. The city has a good job market and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Plus, it’s close to one of the world’s top skiing destinations, Aspen.

On the flip side, it’s also a major seaport city. Vancouver is the second most expensive city in Canada and the second most expensive city in North America. This is a great thing, but it does mean that the average household income has been steadily climbing in Canada for over 20 years.

Final Thoughts

Moving is frequently associated with stress, lengthy administrative duties, and a huge loss of time and money. The high quality of life, diversified economy, and outstanding education systems make it worthwhile to live in British Columbia.

Agriculture, engineering, forestry, healthcare, and industrialization are just a few of the options and industries available in British Columbia.

It has drawbacks, just like any other place. Ultimately, you must make a decision according to your priorities.

Despite these challenges, many people choose to live in British Columbia because of its unique culture and beautiful scenery

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