Candy Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Candy Season 1 Episode 1 ‘Friday the 13th’ Review, Is Betty Killed By Candy?


“Candy” chronicles the narrative of a terrible murder and an unexpected culprit in Hulu’s show. The story revolves around Betty and Allan Gore, as well as Candy Montgomery, a close friend who appears to have had a role in Betty’s demise.

There are some unsettling moments in the first episode because of the peaceful suburban backdrop and the slow-burning rhythm. In order to figure out what’s going on, let’s take a closer look at the first episode of “Candy” and see what we can figure out. WARNING: The next section contains major plot twists and turns.

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Candy season 1, Episode 1“Friday the 13th” Recap

Directed by Michael Uppendahl (Mad Men), “Friday the 13th” is based on the actual tale of two suburban families in 1980s Texas who are ripped apart by a senseless murder. With Betty and Allan, the Gore family, Betty is the homemaker and Allan is the businessman, and they are friends with the much more amiable and well-off Montgomery family. While Candy is the ideal housewife in the Montgomery household, her spouse Pat (Jessica Biel) is a drudge at the office. There’s something evil going on here, and these two happy families are the perfect image of American suburbia. This sinister undertone is well-represented in the premiere.

Betty is having a hard time dealing with her baby’s incessant screams in an early scene that is captioned “the day she died.” When the news comes that her husband Allan will be working out of state this weekend, it leaves the worried housewife in a state of shock. The Gores are depicted as a typical family, with the husband and wife seeming overworked yet affectionate.

Mother Candy and father Pat are seen as joking at the breakfast table and arranging a great day for the kids, respectively, in the movie. Christina, Betty’s daughter, is spending the day swimming and going to the movies with the Montgomery family. Her mother would be cruelly murdered on this exact day. Having that caption looming over the rest of the scene heightens the suspense.

Inevitably, there’s a lot of suspense in “Friday the 13th”. The show’s soundtrack and opening credits both suggest a Hitchcockian vibe. This is a gripping half-hour of television. In the meantime, Betty hoovers and works on her regular duties as the baby cry, and Candy pops over to pick up Betty’s kids’ swimsuits.

As Candy makes her way inside, the camera stays fixed on the entrance door. The audience is not privy to what is happening within, yet it is carnage of unimaginable horrors. It’s likely that the show’s viewers will be as baffled as I was when it ended, but that won’t stop it from continuing to unfold.

Is Betty killed by Candy?

Candy has been fingered as Betty’s murderer by all accounts. Both her look upon leaving the Gore residence and her injuries indicate that Candy has been involved in a violent situation. Her actions during the remainder of the day are maybe the most striking indicator.

Candy is adamant about giving everyone she encounters a rundown of her plans for the day, as though she’s attempting to come up with as many plausible explanations as possible for her own behavior. Aside from appearing anxious, the young mother vomits briefly.

Candy has clearly murdered Betty, and she is now terrified of the repercussions that may follow if her crime is revealed. Allan tells her that Betty was shot, and she appears to take some solace in this information.

Candy believes that if Betty was shot, Candy won’t be held responsible for the murder, thus she didn’t use a gun to kill her. Of course, Candy’s motivation for murdering Betty remains a mystery. But it is evident that they had a physical altercation between the two. There is a possibility that Betty, who has been visibly upset since Allan left on his business trip, was the one to start the fight.

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