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5 Ways to Promote your Mobile Application to Get More Installs

Congratulations! You have finally built your desired mobile application that will ease the work for a lot of people. But hey, how will these people know about your application? There are approximately around 2.2 million apps in the App Store and 3.5 million apps in Google Play Store, so how will anyone know about your application? If you are looking for some magic to happen then wake up! There are a lot of apps in the market that are ready to provide you with the same features and a lot more but the only difference is how they present themselves to their audience.

Promoting your application correctly will help you gain the right audience. So here I have compiled a list of 5 ways in which you can promote your application through different mediums. There is no particular format for following this, you can choose which works best for you.

Create a Mobile Responsive Website

You should have at least a one-page website for your mobile application. This can make your online presence legitimate and get your application noticed. It is important that you create an introduction that is simple and effective, one that defines the purpose of the application.

On the website, you can add more information about the application than in the app itself, like a teaser, an introductory video, social media profile links, community links, and whatnot. As you start getting your website noticed, the application will start having more downloads and views. Keep your audience updated for any new changes here and redirect them to the application.

Make sure you have the app download links added to your website. It is important that we leverage the audience on the website and make them our potential customers and get them to download our app.

Utilize Social Media

Social Media plays a huge role in promoting a product nowadays. It is one of the best ways you can use to promote your mobile application. There are multiple platforms where you can easily connect with your target audiences like Facebook community, Instagram page, Twitter, YouTube channel, Disqus and so many more.

Engaging your audience, understanding their needs, teasing them with new features, and making them realize why they need your application is what will get them flocking to your app. With Social Media, you need to be creative and updated with the latest trends, but do not spam your audience with over-promotional content. As much as social media will give you the positives it can even bring negative attention too.

It is important that you make yourself click-worthy, try to stay relevant, and surround yourself with people who have the same needs as your app. Don’t forget to add all possible social media links on the website as well.

Proper App Store Optimization(ASO)

In simple terms, it is the SEO for the Google Play store and App Store. It is important that your application is visible to all kinds of users. There are many ways to make your application look appealing but all of them should strictly be followed under the ASO guidelines.

You can optimize your mobile application with the correct icon, title, app description, and screenshots in order to be noticed. Just like when you search for any video on YouTube, the results are shown based on how related the video’s title or its description is. Similarly, it is important that your application description is relevant to keywords that a user might be looking for. The description can be one of the most important things in marketing a mobile application.

You can add certain types of keywords related to your application, but do not make it obvious. The application’s screenshots are equally important in promoting it because that is the first thing a viewer sees and makes an impression accordingly. So make sure the screenshots are clear, readable, and understandable, and showcase the main functionality of the application.

Leverage the Power of Search Ads

This feature has been recently added to the App Store by Apple, wherein with the help of certain keywords you can make your application reach the top searches for users who are looking for something similar.

These Ads are included as a part of paid app promotions where you bid for certain relevant keywords, such that when a user searches those your application shows first. It is one of the most commonly used practices for promoting applications on the App Store out of the million apps there.

If you haven’t promoted your app using this feature yet, then maybe you should now. It is very helpful for your application to reach the top searches in the App Store only.

Use the Power of Influencer Marketing

In this marketing, you don’t necessarily need to have thousands of dollars and hire an A-list star to promote your mobile application. But if you do have all that money then maybe you should ask Beyonce to promote your app!

But now that you don’t have all that then, let’s know more about how bloggers and social media influencers can influence people to download your application. In this, it is important that you target people who align with your user base and target audience. You can ask any tech blogger or any techie social media enthusiast who can use their platform to let people know about your application.

You need to contact these people and ask for their reviews, installations coming from influencer campaigns are likely to toss out. All of this will only be fruitful if you choose the correct person to align with the purpose of the application.


In the end, you can promote your application in whichever way works best for you. You don’t always have to rely on paid promotions, things can work organically as well. But the only thing you need to keep in mind is to stay relevant with your base audience, make sure you understand them, and craft your ads accordingly.

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