Walker Season 2 Episode 20 Recap

Walker Season 2 Episode 20 Recap ‘Something’s Missing’ & Spoiler In Details


In Season 2 of Walker, the whole Walker family is facing off against their longtime rivals and next-door neighbors, the Davidsons. This is the most personal conflict they have ever been in. The feud between the two families started when Cordell Walker started a barn fire that killed Marv Davidson, the family patriarch. The Walkers lost their family home in a horse race, and the two families still suspect each other. This fight comes to a head in the season finale, right after Walker’s new Texas Ranger partner Cassie Perez and her old partner Miles were almost killed by a large, well-armed crime ring.

Stella’s high school graduation is coming up, and the Walker family is getting ready to celebrate. However, there is still some tension from everything the family has been through in the past year. Liam has doubts about how the gunmen found the Rangers’ safehouse and about Dan Miller’s claim that Denise Davidson messed up the fatal horse race, but Walker has more important things to worry about. Captain Larry James and Cassie talk about what they know about the people who almost killed them and Miles. The investigation is put on hold while James offers Trey Barnett an official place in the Texas Rangers.

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Geri Broussard, who is played by Odette Annable, tells Walker about her own doubts about Gale Davidson. Walker tells her that, since she is a surprise member of the Davidson family, she should try to find out more about Gale herself. This causes Geri and Walker to have a big fight in public. After Geri quits her job at the Side Step, Gale picks her up. All of this is Walker and Geri’s plan to get Gale to trust her more. For example, the two women visit the burned-out farm where Gale’s husband Marv died in a fire that Walker supposedly started all those years ago.

Gale’s memories come back when he goes back to this scary place. She remembers that Marv told them that their long-lost daughter had survived and that Marv hit him with a lantern, killing him and starting the fire. As Gale continues to tell Geri how she feels, she loses her balance and knocks over another lantern, which starts a new fire. She then passes out. Walker gets there in time to help Geri save Gale before the barn burns down, and paramedics, firefighters, and the rest of the Walker family follow close behind.

Gale agrees to tell the authorities the truth about Marv’s death and the first barn fire. This frees Walker from the guilt he’s been carrying around for most of his life. As Gale and Abigail Walker, played by Molly Hagan, make up after their long fight, an emotional Denise admits that she messed up the horse race to win the Walker family ranch and makes peace with her own family. In the wake of Emily’s death, Geri and Walker privately agree that they rushed to turn their friendship into a romance, so they decide to focus on Stella’s happy graduation.

Cassie finds out that she and everyone she works with are targets of the crime ring. She tells James what’s going on. With the truth about the horse race out in the open, the Walkers move back to the family ranch, and Walker encourages Stella to go to college elsewhere if she wants to. However, he is then ambushed on the ranch and taken away by unknown people, leaving the rest of the family wondering where he went and set up a cliffhanger for Season 3.

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