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Vampire In The Garden Season 2 Release Date Status: Renewed Or Cancelled In 2022? (2022 Updated)

The vampire-themed anime series Vampire in the Garden debuted on Netflix on May 16. Since the show’s debut on Netflix has been some time ago, viewers have likely finished watching the full season and are wondering if new installments will be made available at a later time. Below, you’ll find all we know about season 2 of “Vampire in the Garden.”

The program, created by Ryoutarou Makihara and Hiroyuki Tanaka, takes place a long time after a conflict has destroyed the once-friendly relationship between humans and vampires. Momo, a young girl, is introduced to the audience as someone who would prefer peaceful coexistence between humans and vampires. As luck would have it, Momo crosses up with a vampire queen named Fine, and the two set off in pursuit of a conflict-free utopia.

Some of the voice actors for “The Vampire in the Garden” were Yû Kobayashi, Megumi Han, Kellen Goff, Paul Castro Jr., and Luis Bermudez. Created by the same animation studio responsible for Attack on Titan and Bubble, Wit Studio.

What follows is a comprehensive rundown of the information we currently have on a potential second season of Vampire in the Garden.

Vampire in the Garden Season 2 Release Date

The Netflix animation has been canceled. In any case, we don’t think there’s much of a possibility that the program will be renewed for a second season. There were no lingering mysteries once the first season concluded. It is common practice for series finales to finish on a cliffhanger or leave certain plot threads unresolved so that the potential exists for future episodes. However, it was not the case with Vampire in the Garden.

Also, the low episode count suggests that this was intended to be a shorter run. Unlike the average Netflix anime series, which receives eight episodes, Vampire in the Garden only received five. The conclusion is that the series may have only one installment.

We will let you know if Netflix orders a second season of the anime. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet.

Watch Netflix Life for any further information on season 2 of “Vampire in the Garden.”

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Vampire In The Garden Season 2 Plot

Vampire in the Garden Season Plot
Vampire in the Garden Season Plot

In order to fulfill their goal of discovering Eden, a place where vampires and humans may coexist without conflict, Fine and Momo had to battle for their lives before the conclusion of Season 1. The general sought to use Momo for her own political ends by bringing her back to the Central and charging her with treason. Allegro was adamant about reuniting with Fine and fulfilling his dream of watching Fine defend his people in battle. Nothing went as planned, though. Fine is killed trying to save Momo, and Nobara is unable to bring Momo back from the dead.

The fate of Momo’s character is uncertain in the wake of Fine’s death. Will she meet anybody new? To what direction will she travel? What exactly will she do from here on out? There’s a chance that Season 2 of Vampire in the Garden will provide some answers to all of these questions.

Vampire in the Garden Season 2 Cast

  • Momo

Teenage human trainee soldier dealing with the stresses of the ongoing conflict with vampires. As a result of her encounter with the Queen of the Vampires on the battlefield, she sets out on a trip during which she discovers the joys of life and listens to music for the first time.

  • Fine 

Vampire king or queen who resents her position and wishes the conflict would cease. Given that she has already lost her one true human love, Aria, to the battle, suicide seems like a good option. When Aria meets a young human who looks like her, she is inspired to pursue her passion for music and forget about the conflict.

  • Allegro 

Friends since infancy and faithful helper to Fine. When Fine goes, he tries all in his power to make her happy and bring her home, despite his hatred of humans.

  • Nobara 

Mother of Momo and head of the human army. She has demonstrated her love for Momo, yet she places her role as General above being a mother, even to the point of accusing Momo of treason.

  • Kubo

Momo’s uncle and Nobara’s sibling. He’s a General in the army who uses a katana and would rather fight than be in politics. The lady he loved was changed into a vampire, and he was compelled to kill her. He has a soft spot for Momo and often berates Nobara for being a neglectful parent.

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