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Tyler Reks Wife: The Curious Case of Her Mysterious Matrimonial Partner!

Before moving on to other endeavors, Tyler Reks, better known by his stage name Gabe Tuft, gained notoriety as a professional wrestler in the WWE. In addition to the ring, his private life has attracted attention, especially his marriage to his wife. Priscilla Tuft, his wife, has been a pillar of support for him during his job changes and personal adventures.

Even though she is well-known, Priscilla stays out of the public eye and has little information on her readily available. Tyler and Priscilla Tuft, who represent grit, resiliency, and harmony in the face of both victories and setbacks, successfully negotiate the difficulties and rewards of married life together.

Tyler Reks Wife

Tyler Reks, popularly known as Gabe Tuft, on stage. In 2002, Tuft wed Priscilla Tuft. Mia, the couple’s 9-year-old daughter, is their child today.

In an essay published in October 2023 for Business Insider, Tuft said that her transition was a factor in her split from Priscilla in October 2021; nonetheless, she added, they were still “the best of friends” and continued their divorce proceedings.

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What Happened to Gabbi Tuft?

Gabi Tuft has been wed to Priscilla since July 2002. They are very much in love with one another. They had the pleasure of sharing parenthood when their daughter Mia was born in November 2011. Tuft experienced a significant health issue in the 2019 summer.

She went through a difficult period in her life after having heart surgery. Then, on February 5, 2021, Gabbi Tuft revealed her gender identity to the world.


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It took a lot of courage and honesty for her to accomplish this. She has since continued to fight for the rights and understanding of transgender individuals, and her significant declaration has moved and empowered many others.

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Priscilla and Gabbi Tuft’s Relationship

They were supposedly first loves, and Priscilla even claimed that their first kiss happened on their wedding day when she married Gabbi at the age of 21.

“We actually don’t have partners outside of the relationship at all,” she recalled. “I was a virgin when we got married 18 and a half years ago — we had never kissed. Our first kiss was on our wedding day.”

Priscilla has undoubtedly been a rock for Gabbi during this change, and she expressed her gratitude for her “twin flame” on Instagram with the following touching post:

“And so we stand by each other’s side, fully supporting, without judgment, without opinion, bonded by lifetimes of pain, heartache, joy, happiness, passion, irreplaceable experiences, births, and deaths – and we are both free and more in love than any lifetime before. We got it right this time. All we had to do was open our hands. I love you, P, until my dying breath…and then I will find you again.”


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